Essay Writing Topics on WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (W.T.O)

Jose John May 15, 2016 No Comments
WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (W.T.O) The proposal to have an international trade organization was mooted first in 1945 at the World War II. During the outer war periods, 1919 and 1939 free flow of international trade has been European countries such as US A., Canada and Japan. They raised high tariff walls and importing quota restrictions in import goods into them, while at the same time resorting to export promotion through shipping of their products in foreign markets and engaging in heavy doses of devaluation of their currencies with the avowed object of making their exports cheep in other countries and imports in the domestic market dearer. This policy of trade not only led to heavy shrinkage of the volume of world trade but also to a severe decline in national income and employment levels all round. The great depression of1930s was product of the remains of trade policies followed in the name of economic nationalism. The depression further accentuated economies of the world, thereby leading to further deepening of the depression. The spectre of the depression haunted the allies at the end of the war, which they would like to banish at any cost. An organized reordering of international trade in the post war era was an imperative if...
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