Jose John June 12, 2016 No Comments
YOUTHS: IDENTITY CRISIS The youth in our society are faced with a dilemma of identity crisis. They have played no role in molding the society in which they are living and they have practically no hope of playing a vital role in shaping a society of their dreams. What with criminals, moneybags, corrupt politicians ruling the roost? Do the young armed only with their undiluted idealism, have a chance? Alienation is in vogue these days. It has gained currency in writing and discussions of intellectuals. It is fashionable to use the expression. But, what is the reason? Academic achievements of the young are something to be proud of. The swelling numbers of annual convocations, an amazing display of versatility at cultural functions are proof. They have neither confusion nor uncertainty about what they aspire for and their careers. Elders do not decide for “submissive” adolescents academic choices. Youths today are awakened and enlightened. They are forthright and fearless. What is to become of this chiseled product? Where and how to utilize his bursting talent? Frustration and disenchantment result because of the rampant corruption, nepotism, red-tapism, hypocrisy and unashamed scramble for spoils. In short they are living in a twilight society. Discordant note is struck when they raise an accusing...
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