Major Rivers in India Essay Writing Topics


Jose John October 9, 2014 No Comments
OUR RIVERS MAJOR RIVERS IN INDIA : ESSAY WRITING TOPICS Himalaya, the highest mountain range in the world is the crown of India .Still it has not given the longest or the widest river to the country. The longest in the world are Amazon in South America and Nile in Africa. In length Brahmaputra of India is 28th while river Ganga is 31st. Indus, of course is 26th.But it is no more in India. By the time it is known as Sindhu it flows through Pakistan. It has five tributaries, three of which originate in the Indian region of the Himalayas and flow through the Indian territory before joining Sindhu in Pakistan. None of the Himalayan rivers crosses the Vindhyachal range. None flows through the Southern Peninsula. The main rivers of the Himalayan ranges are sindhu, Brahmaputra, Ganga and Jamuna, Sindhu and its tributaries all origin in the Himalayas and criss cross both India and Pakistan. The origin of Sindhu is mount Kailas. It ultimately falls into the Arabian Sea in Sindh. The Brahmaputra rises in Western Tibet and flows over to the North- Eastern region to flow into the Bay of Bengal. Ganga is considered as the most pious river in India. It rises from Gangotri while Jamuna...
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