Jose John December 16, 2015 No Comments
INDIRA GANDHI AND THE EMERGENCY   “Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not dismount,” so said Sir Winston Churchill. In case of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, it was a bit different. She rode the tiger of Indian politics and she did not want to dismount; so she declared a state of internal Emergency on 26 June 1975. The country had been in dire straits for quite some time before. Unemployment was rising; the prices were rising too, and inflation was catching up. There was everyday news of governmental corruption, of politicians and bureaucrats showing scant respect anybody, not even sparing a thought for morality in public life. It became apparent to Mrs. Gandhi that she was losing her grip over Indian polity when elections in the western state of Gujarat indicated a reversal of peoples’ choice. Till then the region had been a bastion of the Congress. She realized that she could no more be sure of the largest sections of the people to vote for her, and to add to her discomfiture, one esteemed High Court, that of Allahabad, from her very own state, accused her of compound corruption and declared her own election null and void. To any normal politician, this would have been...
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