essay on role of student in development of india



Demos is a Greek word for the people. Thus democracy is a government of the people. Students form a considerable part of the population of a country. Students symbolizes the youth of the nation. There has been a trend among the teachers and parents to advise students to remain away from politics. It is a partial view. If the young students do not share their responsibility it will fall on the decaying shoulders of the older generation. The older generation has its limitations. It succumbs to pressures and stands for status quo. Both of these go against the interests of the nation. It may remain under the sway of undesirable elements within the nation or surrender before the wishes of the progressive nations.

essay on role of student in development of india

Democracy is not a stale affair like monarchy, nor is it a reign of terror like a dictatorship. It is poles apart from extreme socialism that reduces man to nothing before the authority of the state. Democracy stands for permanent everlasting ripples in the body politic of the nation. It requires active watchfulness. A little of slumber may reduce it to a play thing of a dictator. Selfish over enthusiasm may give birth to indiscipline reducing democracy to anarchy. It may result in disintegration of the nation falling prey to the ambitions of a foreign power. It is only the youth; the youth students can provide the unselfish vigilance. It is only they who keep the nation united and strong enough to face the onslaught of a foreign power with iron hand. The fort of democracy is rather built on the strength of the young.


Progress in a democratic set up requires innovation in all spheres of human life and innovation is the prerogative of the educated young. Democracy requires not only the vigilance but change too. The social and economic institutions develop in a successful democracy as they have in the USA and Japan. Efforts are to be made through the government agencies too. Thus it is essential for the young students to play an active role in the democratic set up.

Social equality, individual liberty, freedom of thought, fraternity and a spirit of tolerance are the virtues on which the citadel of democracy rests. The old become a little conservative. In a country like India they stick to the caste barriers not allowing thousands of castes get mixed up. It is the young who are more large hearted. It is they who lay stress upon freedom of thought and individual liberty. Let them be the essential part of the political setup to make the democracy a real success.

Essay topics on journey in a crowded bus



The bus stopped a little away from its regular stop. The whole crowd the passengers of the two buses rushed towards it. An earlier bus was cancelled. How to board the bus was a problem. There was no option but to use force. I used all the strength, pushing others back-all the abuses lashed at me- got in- very fortunate for the bus moved as soon as I managed a standing seat between the rows of sitting seats. Yes I’ll call it a standing seat for it was not possible to move even an inch from the space I was occupying. I tried to see out. None was left. All had managed to be in that black hole. Will you like to call the passengers men and women? No they were just jute bags filled with flesh and bones. Poor bags are loaded by others. These bags loaded themselves. Jute bags won’t mind if they are placed one upon the other. But these bags of skin grumbled.

It was June. The atmosphere at the bus-stand was very hot. But now all the passengers were adding to the heat inside. Even hell might have been cooler. I! No everyone was thirsty now. Water? It was not an A.C.compartment that water would be supplied. Yes you could have it when the bus stops. But why should it? It was an express-only two stops-one at a wayside restaurant providing free meals to the driver and the conductor. The other was near a silk emporium- a private one. No, no the driver has not to purchase anything. He has just to collect the usual halting charges. Almost all the passengers were out at the restaurant at least to have water, such a big crowd. I just thought of the djinn of the bottle. How could be enter the bottle. The whole crowd that even the hotel could have not accommodated entered the bus like the djinn in the bottle again.

Essay topics on journey in a crowded bus

Who to complain to? Everyone was perspiring and considering everyone else responsible for his inconvenience. A sudden break, A sea of heads moving backwards striking one another- some heavily –cursing the driver. These drivers have a grudge against the passengers who sit comfortable while he has to do his heavy duty. But today the scene was different. The driver was as safe in his cabin as ever while the passengers were at the receiving end. But old habits don’t leave a man. The driver had a sea of passengers that day to take his revenge upon.

‘For God’s sake don’t crush my foot’. But why have you put it under my shoe? Just push it back’, strange argument. A small child started weeping – might have been used to cooler in the summer. How could one explain him it was not house-it was a moving boiler. A bump again, everyone collided against someone else. The bus had just crossed over a speed breaker. ‘All hands in’ cried the conductor. The bus was passing through a tunnel. The lights were on to let the passengers not forget their plight.Lo! The tunnel was over. But the bus stopped with a jerk. Bedding had rolled down the roof of the bus. A few passengers hustled out of the bus. The bedding was brought back and lifted up the roof.

At last the bus reached Mangalore. What a comfort it was to be out of that luggage carrier all perspiring- all cursing the transport system of the state. It was a big relief to be out of the black hole after three hours torture especially for the children and women.

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ENEMIES OF HUMANITY Essay Writing Topics

Humanity is the superb state of man in the society. The long history of man from the barbaric age to the present sophisticated society is a history of the suppression of evil wishes and actions. It is a long record of how man has developed an international outlook of brotherhood and has established a cultural society. In the distant past man thought of himself alone. He wanted his supremacy over others. It changed into a group consciousness. Again the individual consciousness was there. Both of these were opposed by others and there were wars. Barbarism again took hold of man. All those who waged wars have been the greatest enemies of humanity from the days of Rawan and Duryodhan to the present one of Hitler and Mussolini.

Krinvanto Vishwamaryam i.e. making all the people in the universe good has been the aim of the sages in India for thousands of years. They aimed at the development of humanity. The people should be kind to and sympathetic towards the needy. There should be peace and tranquility. There are the outward symbols of humanity. A number of politicians grew into dictators under the grab of an ideology. Stalin became a dictator under the grab of Communism. He and his cohorts in other Communist countries got a large number of people killed. All these were the greatest enemies of the humanity as were some of the great kings like Nero, Mohmud Ghazni, Mohammad Ghori etc. they all tried to bring barbarism back.

A large number of fundamentalists have mixed up religion or regional superiority with politics. They are never at ease. They have waged a proxy war in the Kashmir valley, a fully fledged war in Bosnia Herzegovina and Afghanistan. A continuous struggle in Assam and other North – Eastern states in Myanmar, in Sri Lanka and many countries in the continent of Africa. Violence is their cut. They are the worst enemies of humanity.

No lesser enemies are those who indulge in sexual activities. To satisfy their evil passion they indulge in rape, in drug trafficking and give the evil present of diseases like AIDS to the world. The Saudi Arabians marrying teen aged girls in Kerala and Hyderabad fall in this category. The spread of homosexuality in the whole world of Europe and U.S.A as also in African countries is responsible for this killing incurable disease. It has come over to India too. It may one day annihilate man from the surface of the earth. What or who can be a greater enemy of humanity than this evil passion of man.

Short Essay Writing on a Cricket Match I have seen


The Wills World Cup Cricket 1996 was held in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka simultaneously. I witnessed the quarter final match played between the two arch-rivals, India and Pakistan, at Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore.

The Indian overcame the defending champions, Pakistan, in a nerve-rattling match. Chasing a mighty target of 288 in 49 over’s for victory, despite some whirlwind hitting in the over’s by openers Aamir Sohail and Saeed Anwar, Pakistan fell short of the target by 39 runs. India opted to bat first. The opener Navajot Sidhu cracked a brilliant 93 and Ajay Jadeja provide the late thrust with 45 in 25 balls, India piled up 287 for eight in their allotted 50 over’s.

With India electing to bat on a placid strip in front of a packed stadium, openers Sidhu and Sachin Tendulkar added 90 runs in 21 over’s in a planned manner. The India opening pair started on a cautious note. The pair kept up a rate from the fifth to the tenth over. Sidhu  had more of the strike and once he settled down, he played his shots with authority in his inimicable style. He delighted the packed, knowledgeable and supportive crowd with two successive fours behind the wicket off Javed. His controlled aggression urged the home team to an improved performance. The batsman accelerated the run rate systematically and at the end of the 15th over, India were 68 without loss. But, just as the partnership was heading towards the century mark, Tendulkar was out.

Sidhu in the company of the Sanjay Manjrekar played gamely and both were quite relaxed against the spin and pace attacks of the Pakistan. But Manjrekar fell a victim to Sohail, scoring 20 from 42 balls. Sidhu was bowled by leg-spinner Mustaq Ahmed when he was at 93 runs. Skipper Azharuddin and left-handed Vinod Kambli made their contributions and lifted the total to 225 for five in 45 over’s. But Jadeja dominated the final over’s, hitting pace man Waqar Younis for two mighty sixes. The others then raised the scored to 287 for eight in 50 over’s.

Pakistan began the opening with Sohail and Anwar. They shared score of 90 runs. After  that Pakistan wickets fell intermittently before Salim Malik association, which was terminated by Kumble at the score of 184. Down but not out, the sixth Pakistan paired of Javed Miandad and Rashid Latif gave  the packed stadium some nervous moment when they shared a stand worth 47 runs for the seventh wickets. This ended when hard-hitting Latiff, who struck two towering sixes, was stumped by Nayan Mongia off Venkatapathy Raju, when the score read 231. The rest of the Pakistan batsman caved in without much of a fight. Indians celebrated their victory in the competition over their arch-rivals in the game.

I really enjoyed the game. I felt that the match was more exciting than the real final match between Sri Lanka and Australia in the Wills World Cup Cricket 1996.

New speech topics on Freedom of the Press / Influence of media on Public Issues

Essay on Freedom of the Press