School Essay Writing Topics on India’s Historical Monuments

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India’s Historical Monuments It is said that India is dotted with monuments since antiquity. The country has a rich cultural heritage. Our ancient rulers had great fascination for magnificent buildings like forts, temples and mosques. They built some of the most remarkable buildings in the world. Some of these buildings have vanished in the march of time but many like Taj Mahal, Lai Quila, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Fatehpur Sikri, Caves of Ajanta and Ellora, Sarnath Temple have stood the test of time. The British have also played an important role in giving us some historical monuments. Temple art flourished in the Gupta period architecture. Dashavtar Temple of Degaru is the first example of making Shekhar (top) in temple art. Brahma cave temples and Buddha cave temples are important among Gupta period caves temples. The main temples of Gupta Period are: Bhimrao (Nagged) (Shiva) Toga (Jabalpur) (Vishnu) Degaru (Jhansi) (Dashavtar) Syrup (brick made) (Layman) Udayagiri (Vishnu) Bitargaon (Kanpur, brick made) (Shiva) Kho (Nagod) (Shiva) The rock-cut architecture of the period is represented by two conventional types-the Chaitya and the Vihara. They are mostly found at Ajanta, Ellora and Bagh. The special feature of Chaitya is its emphasis on the colossal image of Buddha seated between two attendants. The Vihara...
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