Food Problem in India – Essay Writing

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Food Problem in India India is an agricultural country. Nearly three-fourths of the population of India depends upon agriculture and allied occupations. Even then India is faced with the problem of scarcity of food grains. Of course at present the food situation in India has improved. But the future is always uncertain as far as the availability of food is concerned. There are many causes for the shortage of food in India. The methods of cultivation in India are old-fashioned. The implements used by the farmers are outdated and crude. The seeds which they use are also not of improved quality. The farmer being a very poor person is unable to invest money for the improvement of his fields. The Indian farmers are too poor and ignorant to buy modern tools and implements. Scientific methods of cultivation are not practised. The net result is poor production. The next reason for the food problem is that Indian agriculture is a gamble during the monsoons.   Indian farmers still depend on the rain for cultivation. But the rains are very uncertain in India. If the rains are poor, the agriculture suffers. This may cause famine and drought. Similarly, if there is excessive rain, floods play havoc and cause a lot of damage...
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Essay Writing – The Role of Newspapers

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The news paper has become the common man’s window to the events happening around the world. A modern educated man cannot enjoy his morning cup of tea until he has the morning’s paper before him. It brings him news and views from all corners of the world. In modern times, news papers are considered to be the givers of information, news and views. The primary function of newspaper is to provide information of all kinds. A successful newspaper caters to all kinds of readers-scientists, sportsmen, cinema fans, politicians, businessmen, lawyers and jobless workers anxiously looking up advertisements columns. It widens one’s knowledge and keeps one in touch with the advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine and technology. Besides their informative character, newspapers possess literary value. Articles by well-known writers, commentaries by great men, book reviews by able critics all fine their way into newspapers. Newspapers are a very powerful means of a propaganda. The editorials and leading articles in a newspaper have great effect on its readers. Next in importance are the letters to the editor. These highlight for some problem and ask for immediate action. Most of the newspapers carry sports news every day. There are also columns on agriculture, education, industry and finance on...
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Essay Writing – Role of Media in Democracy

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Democracy is at the same time a form of government and a way of life. Abraham Lincoln defined Democracy as the government of the people, for the people and by the people. It is a system in which the sovereignty lies in the hands of the people as their elected representatives rule and run the country. Articles 19-22 of our constitution give to the citizens the Right to Freedom as one of the Fundamental Rights. The right to freedom of expression enshrined therein gives the media not only a primary role but also a  paramount responsibility of expressing public opinion in an through a written word. The media has been made the essential instrument for ensuring openness in society in an attempt to polish, develop and civilize it by the process of analysis, discussion and synthesis. The role of media in a democracy assumes even greater significance when we recognize the fact that in society where an overwhelming majority of people are silent listeners, or spectators access to forum that constantly reaches others has to be viewed as a trust on their behalf for their progress and prosperity. The power of the media has been recognized for many centuries. This is evident from the fact that there have been...
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Essay Writing Topics – Importance of Newspaper

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Newspapers and magazines were a rarity even in the eighteenth century. But during the last two centuries, as education spread and more and more people learned to read, more and more newspapers began to appear. Today, even in backward countries, there are plenty of newspapers and periodicals which appear in many languages. In India today, though nearly 450 million people are still illiterate, there is a bewildering variety of newspapers and periodicals, which appear in many languages. This is because we have many millions of literate and educated people who are interested in gathering news and informing themselves of developments in the world. Most of the popular newspapers in India are those published in English. But there are also a great many newspapers published in Indian languages, which enjoy very large circulations. Obviously, the number of Indians interested in reading newspaper is very large. Among educated people, English – language newspaper are most popular. These people usually read also another newspaper in their own mother- tongue. Even people who do not normally read books have the habit of reading newspapers. Even heavily over-worked people manage to set apart some time to read newspapers. People want to read newspapers, because, from them they can get much up-to-date information about what...
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Importance Of Newspapers

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Newspapers are not just a scroll of paper that is dropped into our houses every morning. They have been of great significance ever since they were started. At the time of British rule, newspapers were a medium of spreading news about the happenings in the country or to initiate an agitation or revolt. Newspapers were one revolutionary medium of making important announcements. That purpose is still fulfilled by them. Today, we have many national dailies and many other local and regional newspapers read all over the country by almost all sections of the society. We have newspapers in almost all main languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Kannada that are circulated in our country. Today newspapers contain articles of various genres besides the daily news to suit the various tastes of the varied readership. Many newspapers even have weekly magazines to add interest to them. Newspapers hold a lot of importance in our lives. They make us aware of latest happenings, developments and information about various global and national issues. This helps us gain knowledge about all cultural, economic, political, entertainment and social issues all over the world. Many organizations and companies use newspapers and print media to make announcements to the public about job vacancies and other...
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The Influence of Television on youth

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The influence of TV on the life of today’s youth is unbeatable. The variety of programs being telecast is it regional or international is mind boggling. Television is an extraordinary medium that brings the entire world into your living room. Its accessibility makes it more powerful-it is there at the touch of a button. It is a 24/7 medium. Its visual impact leaves a lasting impression on the young minds which are susceptible. TV is the windows to their world since magazines or cinema certainly do not exert the same impact as TV on them. The content of TV programs leaves a lot to be desired. Hence to expect it to instill moral, ethical or positive values is asking for too much. It is appalling to note that even gruesome scenes do not elicit much of a response from the young viewers whose mind seems to be attuned to it; having had an overdose of it. Their way of dressing, eating, conversing and even the music they listen to is largely influenced by the English serials and sitcoms and music channels they tend to watch. There is an overdose of violence, sex and glorification of things that appeal to the youth. The content of violence can be influenced by...
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The Electronic Media

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Nowadays, a very popular means of social interaction and propagation that has emerged along with the print media is the rise of Electronic media. The birth of electronic media took place with the invention of radio when single voice miles away thrilled millions across the continents who marveled at this miraculous hearing of a voice. People wondered and were over-joyed with this great invention. It was the beginning of an entirely new era. Science was hailed as the mistress of all knowledge because it had made the impossible happen-a voice travelled and reached every nook and corner of the world. Owning a radio became a symbol of pride and social status. When the voice got a face through Television, the people were left aghast. How could they see a person sitting miles away? And that hear him? So clearly so closely? It was the miracles of miracles wonder of wonders. Science is pack of magical things television is revolution in itself. The whole world got shrunk into that one room of the house then on September 15, 1959. Dooradarshan was inaugurated in India. These also reflect upon the social impact that television has. With the introduction of Cable Television in 1993, electronic media has emerged as a greater social...
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