Short Essay Writing on CHILD LABOUR

Jose John March 25, 2015 No Comments
CHILD LABOUR Child labour is the human right issue for the entire world. It is a grave and wide spread social problem. Many children under the age of 14 years in different part of the country do several activities to feed self and family. Child labour is a danger to a child’s mental, physical social, educational, emotional and spiritual development the term child labour means “working child” or “employed child” at habitual and persistent manner. It is any work done by child for earnings. It is an unpleasant term, which translates in to child misuse and cruelty according to sociologists, development workers, medical professionals and educationalists. This practice is considered unlawful in many countries like India. They have recognized child labour unsafe and dangerous to the child’s development needs, both mental and physical. The striking expression by William Wolds Worth, “Child is the father of man” reminds us the position of child in a society. So it becomes urgent for the health of a nation to protect its children from premature labour, which is harmful to their overall developments. It is immediately essential to save children from fatal rule of social injustice and educational deprivation and ensure that they give the opportunities for healthy, standard and happy growth.  ...
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