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 A STREET BEGGAR We often come across poor beggars. They are a common sight. If we go to the bazaar to make purchase, we inevitably find some beggars there. They appear saluting us. A beggar requests for a few coins from us. We have to help him. The poor fellow’s plight is deplorable. He sits in the street demanding something. Usually such people are blind, lame or lepers or persons suffering from different diseases. Some of them are even cripples and have some bodily defect. The beggars usually found in filthy rags. They have a begging bowl or a sick in their hand. They, sometimes, go from door to door and beg. Sometimes they get alms, but at other doors none cares for them. The outward look of the beggars is very sickening. They do not have good looks; as otherwise, the people may not take pity on them and pay them a few coins. Some people scold them and others do not treat them well. But he bears all this maltreatment. He goes about his trade as usual and never cares for anyone. Some of the beggars are cheaters. They may be considered to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They commit thefts and do not have good morals....
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