Persuasive Essay Topics on History and Development of Computers

Short Essay on History of COMPUTER

Born in the USA in 1931. Computer has come of age. For years it was monopolized by IBMC USA. It was justifying its name it was originally a calculating gadget. As it grew in age the electric circuits and transistors underwent sophisticated formations. The calculators were left for small manufacturers. They dwarfed themselves to the size of a playing card or even smaller to fit in the pockets and purses of students and businessmen.

Eighties saw the fifth generation of computers performing different functions. They store information as the human brain does. Like human brain they manipulate, compare and come to decisions. While human brain may take a long time a computer meant for a purpose comes to a conclusion developed jointly by IBM and Harvard University in1944. But it was in February 1946 that the world’s first generation calculator called ENIAC came into existence. It could perform 5000 additions per second. The modern computer is billions of times faster and decisive than human brain. Now computers can be classified as main frame, mini and micro computers.

We have trained and specialized in different trades. So have we computers meant for different purposes. One may approach the Astrological Computer; feed it with the qualities and qualifications of the boy and the girl. Within a second it will let one know if the marriage would be successful or not. There are computers that would compose hundreds of pages of a book in a day. Big industrialists and business firms keep their accounts and secrets in computers. Super computers are installed in banks would allow a customer to draw money from any branch in the city or region.

The more sophisticated a man is the more prone is he to diseases. It is true about computers too. In the beginning of the Eighties Pakistan interfered with the border communication system of Indian Forces manned by computers. The Indian soldiers received strange orders and were confused. The USA communication system was infected by computer virus in later eighties. Someone fed one of the computers with strange things that disturbed the whole system and destroyed the labor of billions of man hours.

India, in many cities, has installed computerized reservation system. In Delhi four stations have been interlinked. We are going to interlink many important cities for Railway Reservation. In eighties India installed a Super Computer acquired from USA to interlink all the odd 500 district places of the country with Delhi. Let us be cautious about the virus. By 1988 the fastest Super Computer was manufactured by a US firm, it produced 2.7 billion operations per second. In nineties HNSX  a combination of a Japanese firm and one of the USA delivered another super computer ‘Crey3’ which is expected to perform 16  billion operations per second. USA has an eye on a super computer it expects to bring about in the new country. It is aimed at a capability of producing a trillion operations per second.

The most popular computer is the PC computer. It is a micro computer consisting System, Unit, the keyboard and Visual Display unit. It is accompanied by a printer too. It has a keyboard like a typewriter plus the alpha numeric characters. The latest IBM PC has 121 keys on the keyboard which is connected to the system unit of micro computers via a coiled cable. Backed by Internet computer has developed a global electronic community of millions of interconnected computer networks.

Let us wish and hope they are not infested by virus and are not used foe destructive purposes.

Persuasive Essay Topics Speech on AUTOMOBILE POLLUTION

Persuasive Essay Topics Speech on AUTOMOBILE POLLUTION

Before 1970 air and water pollution were considered serious problems. Noise and nuclear pollutions were added to these too – and ozone too. The smog that reduced the visibility in Malaysia and Mexico City and later the smog that engulfed the Los Angeles Valley in California in 1970 compelled the world to rise from the slumber. This photochemical smog was caused by the automobiles emitting different gases. Formerly only carbon dioxide was considered as the culprit. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides were added to the list. Scientifically it was proved that the problem was severe as the sum of these three pollutants can create havoc. That is what we are observing throughout the world as automobiles are considered the most convenient source of travel.

In 1999 the numbers of vehicles in India were estimated at 35 million. It was expected to be 53 million by the end of 2000.3.6 million vehicles are produced per year. The older vehicles emit more gases. This damage can hardly be rectified. In a few decades India may become not only a super vehicular country in the world but a super vehicle polluted country too.

We have generally been talking about the levels and density of air pollution by different gases in India. No attempts were made to calculate the economic costs. A recent study by the World Bank officials reveals that damage to environment costs our country about 10 billion dollars every year.   Urban air pollution affects the peoples’ health to the extent of $ 2.1 billion.  Soil degradation costs agricultural output to $2.3 billion. Health is already a problem in India that is yet a developing country. Because of growing population the people suffer from more infectious diseases. 80 to 90 % of all cancers are because of environmental hazards.

Looking to the fate of people in developing countries California has taken strict action about the manufacture of non polluting engines, Ultra Light Emission vehicles and zero emission vehicles. In India toot he vehicle manufacturers are improving their engine designs. Oil companies too are improving in the fuel and are supplying low sulphur diesel and unleaded petrol. The Supreme Court too has passed interim orders that vehicle owners shall conform to Euro I norms and Euro II norms. Thus in the National Capital Region from May 1, 1999 registration was restricted to 250 diesel and 1250 petrol Euro I vehicles a month. Later on no vehicle will be registered if the vehicle does not conform to Euro II norms. Euro I regulate emission in Europe in terms of weight of pollutants expelled every kilometer. Euro II means a shift from the carburetor to the multi- point fuel injections in piston rings, wiring harness and engine design. In India it would cost an extra Rs. 30,000 to Rs.50, 000 per four wheeler. Almost all the states are making efforts in this direction and the manufacturers are cooperating. Naturally, the problem is to be tackled scientifically with the cooperation of the authorities, oil companies, automobile manufacturers, transport industry and the society. We have to save the coming generations from this ever increasing pollution.

Speech on AN IDEAL FAMILY – Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics on ‘AN IDEAL FAMILY’

Because of the influence of European civilization joint family system has been looked down upon by the educated elite in India. The younger group in the society is fast growing materialistic and considers the old moral values as stale and unhealthy. Materialism brings in the natural phenomenon of selfishness. In the male dominated society the greatest casualty is women. It is rather strange that although generation gap is more prominent in India yet in tormenting women folk the two generations join hands. It all distorts the amiable atmosphere of a family.

In European countries women, after centuries of exploitation have started playing a different role. As “the institution of marriage is on the decline and divorce on the increase” a large number of women in Europe have started living alone. They avoid matrimony. They feel that they can have the responsibility of motherhood alone –even outside marriage. Single motherhood is replacing two parent families. Births without marriage show that many couples reject the traditional values. They live together, have children but do not believe in nuptial ties.

By now it was the male who dominated the society. But now women have taken to wings. Having children is a natural course for women. But having husbands is not necessary. The girls would like to have freedom of their own. They have fewer children, but start a family later in their late twenties. The women have started asserting that “it takes two to run a happy family. It is the turn of men now to realize their emotional responsibility to the family as well.” Apparently it all seems breaking the chains the women were tied with. They have a right to breathe fresh healthy air.

Families have been breaking because of severe assault by war, political conflict, haphazard industrial strategies, rapid urbanization, crime, violence, and government policies that pay little heed to integrity of families. The view of the UN is that “by forging links between communities’ families deepen understanding”. According to a former Secretary General of UN “ In the change and confusion of the modern world families can help bridge ethnic and political divide….by creating a wide pool of human and financial resources families encourage economic progress. And by caring for family members and learning positive social behavior together social welfare is encouraged.”

After this frank acceptance of the role of family in the social, economic and political field we, in India, should revitalize the institution of family in this country. Instead of aping the west we should guide them that family does not enhance only the social, economic and political growth, it is moral forces too. Running a family requires the essential spirit of cooperation, perseverance and tolerance. The Indian family system can prove a flashing ray of hope in the devastating world culture that is shrouded by sex, violence and disintegration. Let the world realize that the disintegration of family has given rise to a free sex society that is fast falling in the jaws of AIDS. The dragon may swallow the whole human life. India too has fallen a prey to it. Let us fall back upon the traditional moral values of a family life.

Persuasive Essay Topics on AIR POLLUTION Cause and Effects

Persuasive Essay Topics on AIR POLLUTION Cause and Effects

Scientific development in developed countries has gone as fast as population growth in underdeveloped countries. The two factors are equally responsible for pollution of different kinds. Increase in production means increase in factories, mills, petro chemical set ups and huge industrial complexes. Almost all these belch out smoke that pollutes the air inside the complex and of the neighboring area. Many factories manufacture deadly chemicals and fertilizers. The worst tragedy in the chemical industry took place in Bhopal in 1984. 45 tones of Methyl Isocynate (MIC) flew out of the Union Carbide Factory. The air was so polluted that 2500 people died the very day. Lakhs of people within an area of 40 km suffered from ailments of eyes, throat and lungs. Many such cases in small factories where only a few people are affected are never reported.

With the increase in population we require more sources of transport. By 1994 more than 2 crore auto vehicles were registered in the country. Delhi was expected to have near about 25 lakh. In Delhi the 21st century begins with about 1 crore. These scooters, mopeds, cars, buses, and trucks increase the quantity of sulphur dioxide, other oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere in cities and the villages around the highways. Bombay, Pune and Ahmadabad in the west, Calcutta in the east, Jaipur, Kanpur, Luck now and Delhi in the North, Madras, Bangalore and Hyderabad in the South and Nagpur in the central part of the country are the most polluted cities where the air pollution is between 47 and 871 tones a day.

Meat processing is also responsible for air pollution. An average American’s yearly meat processing requires burning 190 liters of petrol. It has been realized that many such processing activities are a part of life in developed countries. They consume more of petrol and diesel. The developed countries are now in a position to shift dirty industries to third world countries. India is a target for it adopted the liberalization policy.

The air polluted by the smokers- both in rural and urban areas. Efforts have been made by the government and Non government Organizations to stop this nuisance. But it has not been taken up a serious problem. People are seen smoking even in the Air conditioned compartments. It requires a consciousness among the people that even passive smoking i.e. remaining in the company of those who smoke is injurious for health.

A summit was held at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in1992. It was attended by 178 countries. The participants realized the gravity of the problem. The 27 point Rio declaration was backed by all the countries. The Summit gave an opportunity to all the countries to start thinking in this direction. It has made people conscious of the forthcoming tragedy if they do not pay attention to this calamity.

Some people think that road transport is responsible for air pollution the most. Either the automobiles should have perfect appliances that don’t pollute air or the very dependence on petrol and diesel should be left. It does not mean that we should go back to the mule age. But we can replace petrol derivatives with batteries or solar plants.

Persuasive Essay Writing On ABUSE OF INDIAN CHILD

Persuasive Essay Writing On ABUSE OF INDIAN CHILD

There has been open abuse of children in a number of ways in India. Girls in early teens in Hyderabad and Kerala are married to Sheikhs from Arab countries. It went to such an extent that the Waqf Board had to ask the Moulvis to bring such pending marriages to the notice of the board before solemnizing them. The abuse of girls on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka where girl child is offered to the temple of goddess Yellamma as Devadasi is nothing less than throwing her to the flesh market. The harassment of both male and female child in the bonded labor market is well known. Both are sexually assaulted by the employer and contractor. Same is the story of girls in the tribal belt where the child is a prey for the forest employees, contractors and even government servants.

The condition of children is worse in city slums, footpath dwellings and Indian Jails. They are sexually exploited by the slum dadas-even neighbors in the slums and on foot paths in metropolitan cities. Since there are not many juvenile jails in India most of the child convicts are kept in regular jails. Sexual abuse is a regular feature. Hard core convicts and jail staff satisfy their sexual lust on these children. Eighties saw a new type of child abuse. There was a spree of child adoption by foreigners from developed countries on humanitarian grounds. In due course it was also found that in many cases these children had to work as household servants. Where can one find such a cheap commodity? In some cases it was also found that the children became sexual targets of their adopters. Government of India and the Mission of charity had to put many restrictions on this adopting business.

Nineties began with the most ignoble type of abuse. Even child abuse has taken a sophisticated turn in this age of sophistication. One can have or transmit the most sophisticated knowledge on latest inventions and technology across the world in milliseconds through Cyberspace and internet-information systems. There are a large number of files on the computer based bulletin board information system. It is in operation in all developed countries. A farmer, a scientist or a musician, even a housewife can secure information from a file in the bulletin network on the computer and can have its printout on a laser writer or any other printer one has access to. It is just like having a photocopy as you have of a reservation ticket or a computerized article.

This useful and most beneficial system has been now used for the satisfaction of the basest pleasure- the sexual vision and perception not indulgence of course. Paedophiles have introduced their own files in these bulletins. If a number of the files is known any one can have the meanest enjoyment of child pornography on their sets and can acquire the prints too. There is a network of paedophiles in the under developed countries. They would take the photographs or films of children who have been forced to indulge in sex with other children or even adults. These are transmitted to the bulletin files. This abuse was formerly arranged with small children in Sri Lanka. Beautiful beaches there are the happy hunting grounds for western paedophiles. The same has been done by these mean people in Thailand Philippines. Now it is the turn of India on a very large scale.

The biggest centre of these activities is Copenhagen, a beautiful port in Denmark. There pornography is legal. There are checks only on sexual abuse below age of consent. The age of consent is 15. Thus pornographic pictures and films of children of Denmark above 15 are not illegal. But in the case of children of undeveloped countries there are no norms. Their pornographic pictures are shown and enjoyed openly. The moral malady is expected to spread in other European countries too. India being a poor country anyone can be exploited here. Poor Indian children are easy prey to the evil designs of the paedophiles. When and how they manage to have the pornographic materials is yet to be traced. The government does not seem inclined to do anything in this respect in the modern atmosphere of liberalisation.

Persuasive Essay Writing on A WEEKLY MARKET DAY

Persuasive Essay Writing on A WEEKLY MARKET DAY

Don’t rush. Drive slow. See the baby crossing the road, cried my sister. The driver slowed down the jeep. We were on the highway from Ranchi to Raigarh. But now at Patratoli the highway was overflowing with human beings of all ages- men, women, old and young –little children running on the road as if it was the courtyard of their house; and little babies trying to jump out of the laps of their mothers. I had seen weekly markets at different places. But the one at Patratoli- about half a kilometer long –as is a big regular market had come down to the roadside to be at the reach of the Vanvasis.

Toys and toys and toys- all indigenous toys of wood, paper machine bamboo and even of stones. A three-wheel walkie for the kid to learn walking-a bird that would whirl in the atmosphere on a string- small wood toys- a whole platoon of soldiers with guns, a complete bands for the occasion of the marriage of your doll. The whole transport system- buses, trains, jeeps, cars, aeroplanes, ships and boats all are there to suit everyone’s pocket. At a little distance you will find an enthusiastic young man exhibiting some mechanized toys too. A three bogie Calcutta Express moves fast on a railway track. All would enjoy the show. But the prices are prohibitive. They would buy the wooden ones only.

Turn to the left in the middle of the roadside market. You have a sub market, but a big one vegetables and vegetables- cheap as well as costly. People buy them for a week- for they’ll have them next Thursday only. What about cooking media. Don’t worry. There’s another small market of about 30 shops- all temporary ones. You’ll have oil, vegetable ghee, and refined oil-no desi ghee. Who will purchase these more than hundred rupees a kilo in this area? But pulses, rice, gram, peas- all are available.

Don’t get disheartened if you are a non-vegetarian. Mutton is there. But the most hankered after is the poultry- a lot of it- a bit prohibitive for the poor. But then they can have fish- most of them are small frying variety brought by the tribal themselves from their village ponds. The trade of mahua too is among the tribal only- some selling- others purchasing.

Snacks! – Of course you can have these too. There is a row of sweet meat sellers. Of course, one can have sophisticated biscuits and toffee for children once in a while. Fruits may be considered a rare thing. But bananas and mangoes are there in small baskets and carts.

You can have rest under a tree where free water is available before going for the ready-made clothes. Three-fourth of the market is occupied by these cloth merchants of all shades. Yes you can have a sari for your mother or sister. See that young man purchasing a fantastic one for his newlywed partner. You can have lunges and underwear of all shades and colors- no, no, no sophistication here- all bright and fast colors.

Require utensils! Available in plenty- brass, copper, stainless steel and many in plastic too. Crockery too is there. But make haste for the evening is approaching. The vendors have already started winding their business- putting the things back in the boxes. Within half an hour the road will be left bare for your jeep to rush to your destination.

Persuasive Essay topics on ‘A VISIT TO A HISTORICAL MONUMENT- THE TAJ’


One has to attune one’s mind while passing from spiritual faith to mortal love. Holy Haridwar and Rhishikesh, the abodes of Saints were left miles and miles behind. I was sailing on the clouds of fancy. My soul was pining to see the monument that has immortalized the love between Shajahan and Mumtaz Beghum. My impatience changed into curiosity when I came across the board ‘Taj View’. On the other side of the Jamuna the ‘Dream in Marble’ appeared at a distance and was gone in a minute. An hour and we would be face to face with this seventeenth century monument. Entering the huge red stone gate you reach a platform, and the whole panorama of Taj complex is before you. A few stairs down-the canal leads you to the glamorous building. It is flanked by Cyprus trees. There are fountains in the middle. But they do no sprout as those of the Vrindavan Gardens do. They are the serene symbols of a tomb.

The Taj stands on a raised platform. The octagonal shining white building has a perfect symmetry. In the big hall Shajahan enjoys eternal sleep with his wife Mumtaz. The two graves are surrounded with a beautiful marble lattice. There is a corridor of rooms around the hall. Everything is superb and graceful. On the four corners of the platform are four minarets standing lie four sentries in sparkling white robes. River Yamuna washes its feet on the other side.

The majesty stuck me. It was a dream realized. But dreams are dreams after all. I was lost in the beauty and height of the dome when someone put his hand on my shoulders. ‘Isn’t it beautiful? The man asked. ‘Oh! It’s marvelous’ I replied.

“But its marvel lies not in being a tomb but a temple,” he said taking me to another side. There was a full length copy of the shining metal structure above the dome. It comprised of a trident, a sacred coco-nut, two mango leaves, a’Kalash’ and the moon as on the forehead of Lord Shiva. He took me to other buildings. All the borders were cut or engraved with the figures of ‘trishul’ and snakes, the symbols of Lord Shiva. The middle aged man told me that two American Archaeologists took two pieces of marble from the main building. After latest chemical process they have proved that Taj was built in the 12th century and no the seventeenth. It is the fifth Shiva Temple of Agra built by King Parmardi Dev. He gave me a pamphlet having 42 reasons and left.

I was rather stunned. The dream was lost in confusion. I just thought the Government does not explode the myth only because the Taj is the source of one third of the total tourist income of the country. A temple won’t attract these crowds and we do not want to displease a community.

I was rather thankful to Shajahan for not destroying the building. He only removed the Shiva Linga from the centre of the inner hall and replaced it with the grave of his beloved Mumtaz Beghum. Back home I turned the pages of history and found that Mumtaz Begham had died in a city in Maharashtra. There is a tomb of the queen there. How her body was brought to Agra more than a thousand miles. Moreover was her body exhumed which is considered a sin among Muslims.

It brought to my mind the controversy of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya, Krishna Janma Bhumi at Mathura where mosques were built over the temples of Ram lala and Bal Krishna. It also reminded me of the mosque at Varanasi where half of the temple of Lord Shiva has been changed into a mosque. Well I could not forget the temple of 64 yoginis at Jabalpur and 365 devis at Viramgam in Gujarat whose breasts, nose and ears were cut. This all is rather a farce in this country just to appease a certain community. People and Non government organizations should raise their voice against this national humiliation.

Persuasive Speech Topics on A MORNING SCENE IN MY TOWN

Persuasive Speech Topics on A MORNING SCENE IN MY TOWN

The soul of William Wordsworth experiences bliss when he looks at London from the West minister Bridge. His lips brimming with joy move in the appreciation of

The beauty of the morning: silent, bare,

       Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie

       Open unto the fields’ and to the sky

All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.

That is what the city was to the great bard of nature on September 3, 1802. The industrial revolution had not yet made the city dirty. The poet still saw the glimpses of the nature in the flow of father Tames when at the end of the sonnet he says.

The river glided at his own sweet will:

Dear God! The very houses seem asleep;

And all that mighty heart is lying still!

That is what I too feel when from the roof of my house I look at the houses in the lanes and bye lanes – all leading to the roads. Peace and tranquility reigns supreme. The lanes look like small streams flowing to meet the river of the main road. The roads lead to the high way- they are not yet awake, the eye lids have yet to open. The dawn has all the more made them numb. The roads move in their stillness. Only a few hours later they will be crushed under the heavy feet of the mad traffic. They will themselves rush with sped.

Before the sun rises to its shining glamour let me enjoy the dreaming tenure of the cross at the church. The temple bells have started ringing. Lord Shiva is awake. The songs in his praise are moving the very soul of the people-men, women, boys and girls who just want to have a glimpse of the Lord to begin the day with a good omen.

Although there are not many pranks in my city. They come to life in the early hours. See the old couple moving slowly to enjoy fresh air. The young are in the lawns-some for brisk exercise- the others for yoga sans. Some young ladies run after the tiny kids who are running after butterflies. The birds too are awake and are twittering to the little human beings who have yet to learn how to walk. As the trees lengthen their shadows with the rising sun the park is left alone to prepare itself for its evening rush.

The street lights withdraw as the sunrays spread all over. The restaurant at the road crossing brims with life –a few minutes more and you will have a hot drink of your choice- a tea or coffee, vadas, idlis or dosha. The north Indian restaurant in the other lane offers jalebis and samosas.

It’s half past six. Half of the city is awake. Housewives are out with their kids armed with Tiffin box and water bottles waiting for the school bus or rickshaw. The young ones are more anxiously waiting for they have to bear the heavy burden of their bags and kits. They are disciplined chaps standing in a queue unlike their elders who would push one another after some hours to enter the bus for their office.

Now it’s time for me too to leave the glamour of my city where

Never did sun more beautiful steep

Never saw I, never felt, calm so deep!

Persuasive Speech Topics on ‘THE GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE’


Saare jahan se accha” was silenced within a moment. There was no hue and cry – just a rumbling – the earth shook violently devouring 400 girls and boys who were marching towards the Town Hall in Anjar at 8.46 to celebrate the Republic Day on 26th January 2001 – The first Republic Day of the millennium. It was a festive occasion. There was fun, enjoyment, a general sense of well being and patriotism in the town. Students led the rally with teachers from various schools happily following them. Old men, young men, women and traders waved at the rally. Within a second all perished –three generations were under the huge debris. Three storied houses fell like nine pins. There was none to save the young ones – the blooming flowers of the nation. Nature offered them a mass grave- buried them with parents of many. The whole town of anjar 50 kms from Bhuj having a population of 65,000 known for its vegetable dyes and knives was now a mass grave. No house was served from the fury of nature. The death toll was estimated not less than 25,000.Even after the fifth day at least 1,000 people lay buried under the rubble. Some who survived extricated a few living but mostly dead who were offered to the mass funeral pyres. But a large number of the dead remained under the huge pile of debris – not to be counted- not to be recognized- vanished unmourned.The commercial hub of old anjar resembled another Pompeii.

Republic Day claimed its ‘martyrs’ in Rapper too –a smaller town where 15 school children were killed when the wall of an old fort crumbled while they were on their way to a parade. The death role was comparatively low in this town of 15,000.But Bachau- a town of 35,000,as a national paper writes a macabre ‘Ardh Kumbh’.No house was saved from the cruel hands of the earthquake that shattered-no-not the hopes-but the very existence of the people. The V.H.P Amd Bharatiya Jain Sangathan were the first to offer medical and other help to the survivors who would sleep in the open as no roof could be saved from crumbling within seconds.

The picture at Bhuj, the headquarters of Kutch district was horrible. Although it is an earth quake prone area, people had taken a fancy to build multistoried buildings that gave way with the first shock. The city having a population of one lakh fifty thousand was reduced to a huge pile of dust, bricks, cement slabs and concerete.90 per cent of the buildings fell down burying a large number of people. Within a couple of days RSS activists and army jawans picked up more than 6,500 dead bodies. They were given mass cremation. But a very large number of dead bodies could be extricated from thousands of tons of debris that lay over them. Although government under estimated the number.

According to government estimate ten days after the devastating quake 16,403 people died and 68,478 were injured while 12,250 cattle died. But George Fernandes the Defense Minister who was first to take round of Kutch and Ahmadabad put the toll to one lakh. It seems a reality now. In all – 21 districts, 171 talukas and 8,792 villages were affected. In most of these at least 50 percent or more houses fell. The industrial loss in the Kutch region was quite heavy. It is the area that contributes 70 percent of the salt of the country. The production losses were 10 lakh tones. The state’s handloom and handicrafts industry found its backbone fractured. It lost a few thousand artisans. The loss to industries in Ahmadabad, Morbi and some other towns was so much that the Gujarat government sought a help of 32,000 crore from the centre. It expected to have a help of equal amount from NRIs and NGOs and the general public. The question remains can the loss of a lakh lives be compensated with money- rupees or dollars.

Persuasive Speech Topics on A DAY WHEN EVERYTHING WENT WRONG


It was a Sunday morning and I wanted to have a little more rest. But the dogs won’t stop barking. My room being by the side of the street it was I who had to face the gauntlet. I had only three hours’ sleep by five in the morning when the barking started. What throat the nature had provided this little canine with. They had no business to invade my dream land. But they did. The green lush sea shore, the distant boats dancing on sea waves, the coconut trees inviting the travelers to have a drink from the green fruit, I just enjoyed nature at her best- the scene changed. With a prince’s robe I entered the palace in the forest where the princess was asleep for the last hundred years in her golden surroundings just waiting for me to transform her with a touch. Lo! She was awake – the whole palace was full of activities. The sleeping beauty was just to embrace me when the evil dog barked full throatily. The princess disappeared-no trees-no sea-no dancing boat. I was there in the corner of my room. Let curse fall on the small canine that spoiled my morning.

Mother won’t give me tea. She waited and waited for me. But how could I leave my angel- the one who waited for me for a hundred years. There’s a limit to everything- even to waiting. And mother went to temple. Doesn’t matter I would prepare tea. I opened the kitchen, put water on gas burner. But where’s the milk. Doesn’t matter I shall have black tea. I went for the sugar container. It slipped from my hand and fell on the kettle. I couldn’t resurrect my mood-left the kitchen to have a cup of tea at a roadside restaurant. The man was waiting for the milk vendor and why should he come when I needed him the most.

The tea chapter being over I rushed to the library to see my result hardly knowing which paper had published it. But all the papers were in the clutches of people who won’t leave the stands. It took me an hour to catch hold of the paper with the result. I scanned the whole sheet. When I was about to reach my number at the bottom of the page the sheet betrayed me. Someone had notched the very corner. I was rather plunged in darkness. Although I had appeared with a good preparation and was expecting a good class too my mind was under the dark clouds of doubt. How will I face my father and I decided no to go home.

Where to go? What to do? I gathered courage and decided to go to the University-eight kilometers to go. I got in a bus. With no money in my pocket who will allow me to proceed. The bus conductor seemed just a Shylock-would demand his pound of flesh. And he did. Had he asked me to get down the matter would have settled. But he won’t. It was an opportunity for him to humiliate a gentleman in the presence of a number of beautiful girls. Two whistles and the bus stopped. He showed me the gate – four kilometers from my house. I had no option but to walk the distance.

It was noon when I entered my room. Well it was the doomsday. Father was waiting for me. ’Have you seen your result’ came the question like a sharp arrow from a deadly bow. ‘No I haven’t’.’But I have, why did you appear at all to secure a III class. You ought to have rather dropped. What will you do with the rotten degree’? Had mother not intervened I might have been forced to miss the lunch.

Persuasive speech topics on USE AND ABUSE OF LEISURE

Persuasive speech topics on USE AND ABUSE OF LEISURE

“Leisure” is the time that is free from work or other duties. It is what may be called “spare time”, which we can spend as we like. It is a time for relaxation and recreation. Leisure time can be used or abused. At one extreme, there are what are called: the leisured classes”. They dont have to do any work to maintain themselves or their families or dependents, because they have immense ancestral riches accumulated through the centuries. The aristocratic families of Europe and the princely families of India belong to this category.

At the other extreme are those unfortunate people who have to work so hard and so much that they hardly get any leisure. They are so exhausted at the end of their working hours that, whatever little free time they get. They have to utilise for their complete rest. They cannot afford to have any kind of relaxation or recreation. Most people do not belong to either of these two categories. They amy have to work many hours every day. But they do get at least some leisure time.

Among these people many abuse their leisure time, often doing much harm to them. They sit idly, smoking or drinking, or playing cards, or chatting with other people of the same ilk. Others spend all their leisure time in a giddy round of exciting amusements, attending parties or consuming liquour with their cronies in their favourite clubs or bars. Some waste hour after hour, watching silly shows or cricket matches on the TV screen. All these are sheer waste of time. Sensible people use their leisure time for “recreation” in the etymological sense of the word-to restore or create again the energies they have expanded during work, so that they may be fit for work again.

A good way to spend leisure is to engage in some interesting hobby, like gardening, or photography, or stamp-collecting, or making things like toys. Another very interesting and profitable way to spend leisure is to read books. An hour or so of leisure time can be spending enjoyably by engaging in some outdoor game, or in taking a walk through the countryside. And persons with families of their own should certainly spend some leisure time in the company of their children and other members of family.

Persuasive speech topics on TRUTHFULNESS

Persuasive speech topics on TRUTHFULNESS

 “Truthfulness” means factual accuracy, or exactitude in speech. So, a truthful person is one who never deviates from the actual details of facts when he speaks about it. In other words, he is a person who never tells a lie. The word “honesty” has awider meaning: it includes both factual accuracy in speech and trustworthiness in one’s dealings with other people. So, an honest person is one who never tells lies, never cheats, never steals. Honesty and truthfulness are virtues that ennoble a person and enhance his dignity as a human being.

Absolutely honest men are unfortunately very rare. Most people tell lies, occasionally atleast, for varios reasons.  Children tell lies to escape punishments. Criminals tell lies for the same reason. Some people tell lies for self-glorification. Many people tell lies for material advantage or financial benefit. Some people are instinctive liars, who have an inner compulsion to tell lies. A few people are kleptomaniacs who have an irresistable inner urge to steal things, though they do not need them.

The proverb, “Honesty is the best policy”, seems to suggest that the practice of honesty is aimed at material gains. The word “policy” seems to suggest expediency rather than morality, as it could mean “craftiness” or “unscrupulousness”.  But a truly honest person practises honesty because that is the morally right thing to do. In business dealings, dishonesty may sometime bring in financial gains. But this does not justify dishonesty, which, by its very nature, is immoral.

In the long run, even in business it is honesty that ensures ultimate success. For a businessman who has a reputation for honesty will naturally attract customers and his business will grow and flourish.

Persuasive Speech Topics on THE DUTIES OF A CITIZEN

Persuasive Speech Topics on THE DUTIES OF A CITIZEN

The word ‘citizen’ comes from the Latin word “civis”, which means the inhabitation of a city. Today, “citizen” means “a native or naturalized member of a sovereign state or nation”.

Every citizen has many duties towards his country. He has also many rights. Most citizens are aware of their rights, and demand these rights vociferously, and are relucant to discharge their duties towards their country. The important duty of a citizen is loyalty to his country. One who loves his country will naturally be loyal to it. One who is disloyal to his country is regraded as a traitor. One who loves his country and his loyal to it is called a patriot. The word ‘patriot’ comes from the Latin word ‘patria’ which means ‘fatherland’. In India, we call our country ‘motherland’. Both the words, ‘fatherland’ and ‘motherland’ emphasize our duty to love and to be loyal to our country.

A true patriot always serves his country faithfully. If his country is attacked by a hostile power, he will be ready even to sacrifice his life in defence of its freedom and independence. Naturally, a patriotic citizen obeys the laws of his country. But if he considers a law unjust, he has the right to seek its amendent or repeal constitutional means. A responsible citizen should take should take an intelligent interest in politics. Further, he should take an active part in politics in order to serve his country better.

For educated Indians, this is a very important today, because nearly 500 million of our country men are still illiterate and ignorant, and live in the midst of poverty and squalor. They can be uplifted, gradually atleast, through political action, and devoted social service. All educated Indian citizens should take part willingly and happily in this magnificent entewrprise.

Persuasive speech topics about A RAINY DAY

Persuasive speech topics about A RAINY DAY

Rains are a great blessing to mankind. In an agrarian economy like India, they play a vital role in the economic progress. Sometimes they may prove to be curse when they cause floods.

This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was June and the schools were reopened. The scorching sun and the stifling heat had made our life unbearable. When the clouds appear on the sky, everybody become happy. When the south-west monsoon sets in, we get fairly heavy rains every day. But it seldom keeps raining round the clock. I remember a day in the last June when it rained for the whole day. When I woke up at six in the morning, there was no sunlight outside. The sky was overcast with dark and thick clouds. After some time a cool breeze began to blow. It seemed that rain was imminent. Then suddenly it started raining heavily. I came out of my room and stood on the verandha and watched the rain. Soon it started raining in torrents. I looked at our garden. There was water all round the house. No patch of grass could be seen. I knew that the school would not work on such a day and so remained at home. It kept pouring as if someone had let the sky open.

By noon, all the roads and streets were flooded with water. There was knee deep water on certain roads. The torrential rains affected the traffic on the roads. From my house I could see happy children running and playing in the rain water. They made paper-boats and played with them. The rain brought misery to some people. Many houses in the low-lying areas were full of water. Even at four in the evening, it was raining, but with less severity. Nature suddenly turned fresh. The farmers were very happy and they were seen working in the fields.

It continued to rain in the night also. I went to bed early and lay awake for some time listening to the sound of rain drops on the roof. Soon I fell asleep. The next morning I was told that the weather had changed after the heavy rain.

Persuasive Essay Topics on My unforgettable Train Journey

Persuasive Essay Topics on My unforgettable Train Journey

A journey by train is an interesting and educative experience. During the last summer vacation, I had the opportunity to travel from Dehra Dun to Lucknow with my friends.

We reached the Dehra Dun station in time to catch the 1.50pm Train. Our train stood ready. Our seats were reserved and so we boarded the train leisurely and found our seats. There was a great rush at the station. After a few minutes, the grand blew his whistle and waved his green flag. Soon the train moved out of the station and our journey began.

When the train crossed the signal point it began to catch speed. After five minute the train was passing through fields and gardens. The countryside of the Dehra Dun Valley through which we were passing was pretty, and so we enjoyed ourselves by looking through the windows. We saw green filed, trees, groves and forests from the running train. We also saw farmers ploughing the fields. We saw to our left the lower Himalayan hills and to the right the Siwalik range. We passed through green fields and then through beautiful forests. Everything looked bright and pleasant in the afternoon sunshine.

Beauty and variety mixed in equal proportions spread out in every sight we saw. The rhythmic movement of the train gave a musical effect to what we saw before us.

In the train there were all sorts of people. There were w2ell dressed people. There were villagers in their simple dresses. Some people were reading and books and newspaper, while other was discussing politics and the rising prices. Some other was sleeping. In our compartment, there were some tourists from Germany who were on their way to Delhi. We had a good chat with them. They spoke highly of Indian culture and admired the simplicity of Indians.

After some hours we travelled through some tunnels and came to the scared town of Haridwar where the train stopped. Even from the train, we could see the clear water of the Ganges and the Hindu temples on the banks. The place was crowded with monkeys and sadhus. The journey continued and we passed through the plains of U.P. The train stopped for half an hour at Saharanpur and we had our dinner there. From there the train took speed and we all settled down to sleep. About rolled into the big, hot, noisy station of Lucknow. It was really an unforgettable and pleasant journey.