Essay Writing on POLLUTION

English_Master December 13, 2015 No Comments
POLLUTION Development has lead mankind to misuse the limited natural resources around us. There are several kinds of pollution that of air, water and soil. Growth and progress has to be balanced with conservation of nature so that we may live disease free lives and leave a clean planet for the future generations. Some of the types of pollution that affect our daily lives are as follows: Air Pollution: Gases like Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen and Sulphur oxides along with fumes, unburnt carbon, lead, cement dust, acid sprays, mist and smoke pollute the air. These are released in the air by vehicle exhaust, factory chimneys, chemicals from domestic appliances and indiscriminate cutting down of trees. The temperature increases leading to global warming and a misbalance in weather causing floods, drought and fire. Ozone hole over Antarctica has been caused by chlorine and bromine used in industries increasing skin causing UV rays reaching Earth. Respiratory diseases are rampant in more polluted metro cities of the world because of air pollution. Water Pollution: The dissolved and suspended impurities in the water as a result of industrial waste and municipals sewage being dumped in rivers and lakes causes water pollution. Factories making dyes, fertilizer, soaps, tanning, printing, and detergent throw effluents with harmful...
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