Principles of management unit 4 Directing Study Material download

Principles Of Management Unit 4 Directing – Download Study materials

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Principles Of Management : Directing Directing is the important managerial function that imitates organizer’s action. It is a connecting and activating link between various functions of management. It is a process around which all performance revolves. It is essentially concerned with mobilizing and synthesizing human resources and efforts to accomplish the goals of the organization. Direction phase of Management is the heart of management in action It is a continuous function without proper directions and supervision employees became in active dull and inefficient and consequently the physical assets like machinery and plant will be put to ineffective use. Direction is the essence of all operational in an organization. “ Direction is defined as the process of instructing, counseling guiding, motivating and leading the human factor to achieve organizational goals effectively” Salient features of Direction a) Direction Consists of the process and techniques utilizing in issuing instruction and making certain that operations are carried out as originally planned. b) Direction is a complex function that includes all those activities which are designed to encourage subordinates to work effectively and efficiently in both the short and long run. c) Direction is telling people what to do and seeing that they do tit to the best of their ability. d) Directing (activating)...
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Principles of management unit 3 Organising Study Material download

Principles of management unit 3 Organising – Download Study Materials

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Principles of management : Organizing Principles of Management in Organising: “ Organizations are collectives of people that here been established for the pursuit of relatively specific objective on a more or less on continuous basis” Salient features a) Identifiable aggregation of human beings. b) Deliberate and conscious creation. c) Purposive creation. d) Co-ordination of activities e) Structure f) Rationality Organization as structure It is also referred to in the context of structure which prescribes the relationships among individuals and position that they hold. There may be different ways in which these relationships are prescribed. Organization is not used independently but is combined with the term organization either in the form of organization either in the form of organization structure or structure of organization. Organization as process Theorists leave used the term organization in the form of process of organizing thro which structure is created. Because of the use of the term organization as a process more confusion has been created in management literature. Organization has the following elements. As a processor. a). Departmentation. b). Linking Departments. c) Defining authority and Responsibility d) Presenting authority relationships. Features of Good organization structure  1. Simplicity : It should be basically simple. The concept of simplicity implies that various organizational relations should be...
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Principles of management unit 1 Introduction Study Material download

Principles Of Management Unit 1 Introduction to POM – Study materials

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