Persuasive speech topics on An incident I would like to forget

Essay Writing on ‘A HOUSE ON FIRE’

It was a hot day in summer. I was having a nap after my lunch. A sudden noise awoke me. I heard people shouting ‘fire’. I looked out through the window and saw clouds of smoke rising from a house only a few yards away from my house. I was horrified and stood still. Soon I came back to my sense. I rang up the Fire Brigade and came out of my house.

I rushed towards the burning house. A large number of people had gathered there. The flames were rising high. Thick curls of smoke were rising into the sky. The heat was so unbearable that nobody could go near the house. Some people were pouring buckets of water on the flames while others were throwing sand and dust. It was a double – storeyed building. Some of the inmates in the house were caught up in the first floor and were surrounded by flames. They were crying for help. Those inmates who were in the ground floor came out with burns and injuries. People were taking all the articles out of the house and throwing them out.

The arrival of Fire Brigade was a relief to everybody. The fireman fought heroically with the fierce flames. Water pipes were laid and they began to spray water on the fire. One of the officials laid a ladder and brought down the inmates who had been trapped in the first floor amidst flames. The moment he got down along with the inmates, he fall down unconscious. They had received severe burn injuries and were immediately rushed to hospital. The fireman struggled hard to control the fire. The leaping flames began to die down after an hour of hard struggle. Ultimately, the fire was brought under control.

The fire caused great damaged to the house. All the wooden materials, clothes, furniture and other articles were reduced to ashes. The house looked like a heap of debris. The loss was estimated at about two lakh rupees. But there was no loss of human life. I still forget that  horrible sight.

Persuasive speech topics on THE HAPPIEST DAY IN MY LIFE



Childhood is a very impressionable period in one’s life. One incident of my childhood is indelibly imprinted in my mind.

From the time I was in standard V, my father was very particular that I should not only study my lessons but also participate in extra-curricular activities. According to his wishes, I participated in various activities at school. However, I could not do anything on my own.

I did not dare to get on a stage alone to make a speech or sing, even when I knew that I had a moderate ability in these activities. My fear was that everyone would make fun of me and that I would not be good enough. One day I came across the line “The valiant never tastes death but once” and thought what a coward I was. I decided that, whatever might happen, I should participate in the next elocution competition in my school and put an end to my father’s unvoiced disappointment and to my cowardice. So, after much preparation, still with my knees knocking against each other, I participated in my first individual programme- the elocution competition connection with the school youth festival. To my surprise, after the first few terrifying moment, I was immersed in my subject. Words came spontaneously and I made it at last. When I finished my speech, I received the thunderous applause of the audience. In fact, I even won the first prize. When I reached home and told my father about my success, his joy knew no bounds.

This is the most unforgettable incident in my life, for it has taught me how to overcome my fear and shyness. Fear is a natural reaction but one can and should overcome it. Since that day I have always tried to use my talents to be the best of my ability.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Anti-Social Activities


The normal and healthy way for an individual to earn a living id by engaging himself in an activity which is socially useful and accepted by the society. A person may earn his living as a labourer, trader or as a producer. But when a person produces or trades in a way which is socially harmful, that activity is wrong and illegal. Thus, an activity which is not supported by laws of the country or the society, and which is harmful to the economic and social interests of the nation, can be termed as an antisocial or antinational. Such activities destroy the very structure of the country’s social structure. When life become more and more complex, and society tends to urbanisation, more people are tempted to become rich quickly by resorting to evil practices. Some of the antinational practices prevailing today are smuggling, bribery, profiteering and drug trade and addiction.

Smuggling means importing goods illegally from other countries and exporting goods illegally to other countries. The smugglers avoid paying export and import duties to the government and this causes the government heavy losses. Various articles like gold, silver, electronic equipment, arms and narcotics are brought into the country through illegal channels. The main items of smuggling to other countries include historic antiques, food grains, spices , and narcotics like opium, bhang and ganja. This practice ruins the country’s economy and encourages violence. The smugglers use poor men, women and children to carry their goods from place to place. Some of the recent policies of the government have helped to reduce the volume of smuggling of precious metals. But the smuggling of arms and narcotics is on the increase. Very often, money thus gained is used for terrorist activities.

Bribery is another antisocial activity that has become a challenge to Indian democracy. Politicians and government servants sometimes expect illegal rewards for rendering service which is part of their normal duty. Demanding such illegal money is called bribery.  Disposals of files are delayed by go9vernment servants to compel the beneficiaries to offer bribes. Politicians also demand bribes for transfers and posting. This create a lot of trouble for the common man.

Profiteering is yet another antisocial activity which has been increasing in recent years. Hoarding, black marketing and profiteering are interrelated. In times of shortage and war, there is a tendency for some people to engage in these activities to earn easy money. Essential articles which are in short supply are stored by these antisocial groups. These commodities disappear from the market and shortage become acute. People are compelled to buy these articles at very high prices.

Drug addiction is serious menace of the present day. This has also become a challenge before the democratic society. Many young people start taking drugs just out of curiosity and very soon become addicts. Drugs addiction saps the energy of the young and it becomes very difficult for them to get rid of it.

Persuasive speech Topics on AN EARLY MORNING WALK

Persuasive speech on ‘AN EARLY MORNING WALK’

Of all the recreations that men indulge in, a morning walk is the most rewarding. The air is fresh and free of dust and smoke. There is hardly any traffic on the roads. Once can enjoyed one’s walk peacefully. As one walk’s, one’s cares and anxieties drop away. An early morning walk is undertaken before the day dawns.

In the early morning, nature is at its best. It is the time when nature sheds its darkness and enters the domain of light. A cool breeze is blowing and it invigorates the body and the soul. The green leaves of the tree whisper in the wind. Dew drops shine like pearls on the blades of the green grass and leaves of the trees. The tall trees appear as dark shadows. There is no din and noise. Only the sweet chirping of the birds pleasures our head and heart.

A pause for a few moments to look at nature in the early morning hours brings us riot of colours all round. The flowers laden with dew dance merrily and spread their fragrance. So much colour is splashed on all sides. The aroma of their air gathered from the bushes, grassy patches and leaves of trees is pure and healthy to breathe. The birds sing cheerfully. It is a pleasant sight to see the first rays of the sun touching the earth. An early walker feasts his eyes on such sights and his ears on such sounds. A walk in a big park or on the bank of a stream is even more rewarding.

To walk in such an atmosphere refreshes the body and soothes the mind. The more one walks, the healthier one becomes. It is not a mere walk. It is to prepare one fare the hard day ahead. The morning walk tones up the whole system of the body. It prepares a man for the day’s work. A morning walk stands for the beginning of the day as it rejuvenates both the body and the spirit. What is well begun is half done. He who goes for a morning walk wins all the battles during the day. Thus an early morning walk enables a man to develop a sound in a sound body.

Short essay Writing on a Football Match I have Seen


My favourite game is football. So I never miss the opportunity to watch a football. The European Cup contest of 1996 was held in England in June 1996. All the matches were very interesting. But the most exciting match was played between Germany and the Czech Republic at Wembley Stadium in London. I watch this match on the television.

Germany prevailed over the Czech Republic by 2 to 1 the strength of a golden goal by Bierhoff in the European Football Championship. The Czechs took the lead in the second half and Bierhoff who came in as a substitute equalised to stretch into extra time. The match- winner goal came in the 7th minute of the extra time. The two goals were born from his leg in this crucial match.

Germany forced a corner in the opening minute and won a free kick deep inside the Czech half after Mehmet Scholl was fouled by defender Miroslav Kadlec. But they failed to capitalise on either opportunity or on the two more corners they forced in the first seven minutes. The Czechs made a dangerous attack in the 13th minute. Kuka sent in a cross from the left. Poborsky met it but volleyed over the bar. The Czechs won a free kick when Markus Babbel fouled Kuka and then forced a corner but the German goalkeeper Andreas Koepke plucked in the incoming corner out of the air with no trouble. Kuka and Pavel Nedved combined in the another good Czech break way which was halted by a foul by Thomas Strunz. Kadlec touch the free kick to Nedved but the midfielder blasted his shot into the German defensive wall.

Christian Zeige headed over the Czech bar in the 28th minute after Dieter Eilts had won a corner. Germany came desperately close to a goal in the 35th minute. Stefan Kuntz found space for a close-range shot which hit goal-keeper Petr Kouba but was still on its way to the goal before defender Karel Rada hooked it clear off the line. Kouba was the Czech hero a minute later, saving at the feet of Kuntz, who had been put a clear the box by telling through pass from Ziege. But two minutes before the interval, the situation was reversed. Kuka beat his market Eilts and burst through on goal for fierce right foot shot. But the German goal-keeper Koepke did well to block the effort. It resulted in a corner for the Czechs. But Rada sent it over the crossbar.

The Czechs took the lead in the 60th minute when Berger converted a penalty into a goal. Poborsky was fouled by Sammer in the penalty area and the Czechs got the penalty kick. Patrick Berger took the penalty and converted it into a goal which gave the Czech the first lead in the match. In the 74th minute substitute Bierhoff amply justified the decision of the German coach Berti Vogts with an equaliser. Ziege took a long free kick into the box and Bierhoff got in front of his markers and headed it into the net. Thus the two teams got one goal each and the match went to the extra time. The match – winner goal came in the seventh minute of the extra time from Bierhoff. Thus Germany became the new Champion of the European Cup 1996.

As expected, it was an exciting match between two equal teams. The spectators at the Wembley Stadium enjoyed the beauty, rhythm and speed of football.