WHY ARE YOU CALLING? – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #100

Jose John July 27, 2013 No Comments
101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas IDEA 100: WHY ARE YOU CALLING? This book has touched on one of the perennial success factors of selling: preparation. Good records, clear thinking before a sales meeting, an agenda and more all help you to run the kind of meeting that you want, and those customers find useful. One fault I have seen more regularly than any other over the years is linked to this idea. It is somehow perpetuated by being rationalized as “useful”. Idea For all sales people who do not think through the reason for calling… If I had even modesty valued coin of the realm for every time the words “courtesy call” has appeared on sales people’s call report forms, under a heading like “Reason for call”, I would be a millionaire. Let me be clear immediately: there should be no such things a courtesy call. Every call needs specific objectives. It is not useful, least of all to productivity, to call because it is month since you saw someone last, because you can fit a call in easily en route somewhere else, or worst of all, to make up the number of calls needed to hit the target for a particular week. You must be able to...
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