essay on role of student in development of india



Demos is a Greek word for the people. Thus democracy is a government of the people. Students form a considerable part of the population of a country. Students symbolizes the youth of the nation. There has been a trend among the teachers and parents to advise students to remain away from politics. It is a partial view. If the young students do not share their responsibility it will fall on the decaying shoulders of the older generation. The older generation has its limitations. It succumbs to pressures and stands for status quo. Both of these go against the interests of the nation. It may remain under the sway of undesirable elements within the nation or surrender before the wishes of the progressive nations.

essay on role of student in development of india

Democracy is not a stale affair like monarchy, nor is it a reign of terror like a dictatorship. It is poles apart from extreme socialism that reduces man to nothing before the authority of the state. Democracy stands for permanent everlasting ripples in the body politic of the nation. It requires active watchfulness. A little of slumber may reduce it to a play thing of a dictator. Selfish over enthusiasm may give birth to indiscipline reducing democracy to anarchy. It may result in disintegration of the nation falling prey to the ambitions of a foreign power. It is only the youth; the youth students can provide the unselfish vigilance. It is only they who keep the nation united and strong enough to face the onslaught of a foreign power with iron hand. The fort of democracy is rather built on the strength of the young.


Progress in a democratic set up requires innovation in all spheres of human life and innovation is the prerogative of the educated young. Democracy requires not only the vigilance but change too. The social and economic institutions develop in a successful democracy as they have in the USA and Japan. Efforts are to be made through the government agencies too. Thus it is essential for the young students to play an active role in the democratic set up.

Social equality, individual liberty, freedom of thought, fraternity and a spirit of tolerance are the virtues on which the citadel of democracy rests. The old become a little conservative. In a country like India they stick to the caste barriers not allowing thousands of castes get mixed up. It is the young who are more large hearted. It is they who lay stress upon freedom of thought and individual liberty. Let them be the essential part of the political setup to make the democracy a real success.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose essay topics speech national hero essay topics for high school students on my role model



Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Give me your blood. I shall give you freedom. No modern national leader would make such an offer. They just beg your votes and promise to give you some material gains. They can purchase your votes. But Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was the person who demanded the ultimate sacrifice of the people. He did not make any personal promises. His only aim was the freedom of the Motherland. He did not let people believe that there are any short cuts to independence. He did not offer any soft padding war. No personal or individual benefits. It was a national cause and the nation would secure the advantages as a whole. I love and rever this great soul for this basic frankness, and the lesson of renunciation he taught to the people.

Born on 23 rd January, 1897 at Cuttack in Orissa Subhash graduated in 1915 from Presidency College, Calcutta. He accepted the challenge of his father, went to England, did graduation from Cambridge University and secured fourth position in the I.C.S Examination. But he refused to serve the British Government. He returned to India in1920 and associated himself with Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. He was an active participant in the freedom movement. It was his first experience of Jail.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose essay topics speech national hero essay topics for high school students on my role model

In 1923 he became Chief Executive officer of Calcutta Corporation when Deshbandhu became Mayor. From October 25, 1924 to May 16, 1927 he was again behind the bars. After being elected twice as the Mayor of Calcutta Subhash met Gandhi in1928. He was not satisfied with his non violent methods. In 1930 he was again arrested on 26th of January and was released in 1931 after Gandhi Irwin Pact. He was again arrested Long imprisonments and having been brutally beaten by police he was seriously ill. He suffered from Tuberculosis and was sent to Vienna for treatment on March 8, 1933. During this stay in Europe he met De Valera of Ireland, King Amanulla Khan, Mussolini in Italy and many others.

Returning to Calcutta in 1938 this young man became the 51st President of Indian National Congress. But he didn’t see Gandhi eye to eye. Next year he was elected again defeating Pattabbi Sitaramayya Gandhi considered it his own defeat. He left the party and formed Forward Bloc. On July2, 1940 he was again imprisoned. After his release he was under house arrest.

For here starts the historic journey. On January 15, 1941 he ran away from his house as a Maulvi. Dressed as a Pathan he passed through Afghanistan as Ziyauddin and reached Moscow on 27th March. When Stalin refused him help he reached Berlin on 28th March, 1941. He formed Azad Hind Fauj in Germany with the help of Hitler. On 20th June 1943 he was in Japan. Bose became the President of the Azad Hind Government and the Commander of the army. His headquarter, now, was Andaman and Nicobar Island. The army consisted of 50,000 soldiers and 1,500 officers. It was stationed at Singapore. Later on Rangoon became the headquarter. On 18th March 1944 the army reached Kohima in Assam. But August 1945 saw Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacked with atom bombs. Japan surrendered. Azad Hind Army too had to surrender. But nothing is known of this great son of the Motherland. Some believe that he died in an air crash. Others believe him still alive. Whatever the truth may be. But he lives honorable in the hearts of millions and millions of people I India even today.

my best teacher mother is the best teacher



Child is just a monkey aping the ones close to it. It is through this imitation that the baby starts learning. The nearest to the babe is the mother. The child unconsciously copies all the good or bad triats of the mother. If the mother scolds others the child is apt to do the same. If the mother is kind and affectionate the child too acquires these qualities. A child totally depends upon the mother. She is its first teacher. The father and the school teacher are the latter entries.

No mother would like her son or daughter turn rust or evil. She pays attention to its child to make it an ideal son or daughter according to her ability and capability. It has been seen that the son of an uncultured, illiterate mother remains uncultured, rough and careless throughout his life. There is a story that a dacoit was to be hanged for the murders he had committed. As his last wish he wanted to see his mother. The wish was fulfilled. When his mother embraced him he cut her nose. The jailor was astonished. But the dacoit said,” Sir this is the woman who instigated me to commit crimes by keeping all that I brought through thieving when I was only five. The world should know that she was an evil teacher”

my best teacher mother is the best teacher

Coming to the modern days we find the mothers in the middle class families spending hours together in training their children in their own way. They would prepare them in the morning for school. In the afternoon and evening they would get their home work done. They, sometimes, teach them more than what the school teachers do. The mother has an ambition for the one whom she reared in her womb for nine months. She wants him or her to be a doctor, an engineer or an officer. She starts the children climb these stairs of success.

The child is basically a part of its mother- inseparable. Father is a busy soul and wants to pass on his responsibilities to others. He hasn’t affection that moulds the character of a child. A teacher is an outward entity. He does not know the weakness and other traits of the child. The kindness and affinity imbibed in the soul of mother can hardly be borrowed by anyone else. Thus she remains the best teacher.

lessons from history india



People have a very short memory. In the course of time they forget even those incidents that were most injurious to the society. That is why it is said that history repeats itself. A historian keeps a record of all the good and evil deeds of persons and groups in the society. We have to have lessons from it.

History tells us how Britishers landed on the shores of India as businessmen and how they gradually became the rulers of the country. We should learn a lesson from it and should not allow the multinationals a free hand in the economy of the country. They may again have evil designs and dominate us politically too. If we do not learn this lesson our political fate is also doomed. We may become slaves of the foreigners again.

India has to learn a great lesson from the prolonged history of partition in this country in 1946-47. Do we require a Jagmohan to remind us about the activities of the Muslim fundamentalist in Kashmir. It is just an extension of what happened during and before partition. The government as well as the people should learn a lesson from the history that tells us how the Muslims in1946 raised slogans ‘hans ke liya hai Pakistan, lad ke lenge Hindustan; i.e. We have Pakistan, just out of fun- will have India by waging war. That is what is going on in the Kashmir valley today. History tells us that Nehru committed a blunder by taking the Kashmir problem to the U.N.O instead of fighting it out through the armed forces. As we have not learnt the lesson of Kashmir has become a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has waged a proxy war against India by employing Afghanistan mercenaries. The muslin fundamentalists have given an ultimatum that they will not allow Hindus to go to Amarnath and Vaishnodevi, the sacred temples in Kashmir. They have broken a bridge and a road leading to Amarnath.

lessons from history india

We have learned the lesson from the History that tells us that Muslim invaders broke thousands of temples on their way. Go to any city of India you will find broken temples- broken idols. One can see the breasts or noses of Hindu deities cut. History tells us that Islam spread in the world because the Muslim warriors held Quran in one hand sword in the other. It is well known, and even Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in his book ‘Discovery of India’ that Muslims have not become a part of the national stream. They still have not.

History is witness that China too has expansionist designs. It too attacked India and annexed thousands of Kms of land in their territory. It also made Tibet a part of China. It is going to dominate Taiwan and Hong Kong too. We should take a lesson from history to be cautious of the intentions of china too.

History tells us that disunity among different regions of the country was responsible for the victory of Muslim invaders and then the British and the French. Of we remained disunited history may repeat itself. It is a lesson we have to learn from history.

Short Essay on Gene Therapy

Short Essay on Gene Therapy


With the interpretation of genetic code in 1968 by Hargobind Khorana an Indian born American scientist, for which he receive Nobel prize mere hopes were changed into real approach to gene therapy. The concept of heredity factors in all biological species came from Australian Botanist Gregor Johan Mendel in eighteen eighties. The name gene was given to these factors by Wilhelm Johannesen a Danish biologist. Later research in the field established that genes have many functions. An important one is the formation of large number of proteins. The genes, the scientists say, mastermind the whole process of life in all living creatures. Still it remained a mystery till 1953 when J.D. Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA is a complex nucleoprotein. It contains body’s 50,000 to 100,000 genes. These genes are arranged in a pattern that is unique to each individual. It is this peculiarity that makes every individual different from the other.

Short Essay on Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

Different genes in different parts of the body have different functions. The gene for a particular purpose is placed at a particular location in the chromosomes. Moreover, the genes play an important role of manufacturing thousands of different proteins from 20 amino acids. The genes, thus govern the immune system too, one can just guess how many problems can be created in the body if any particular gene is broken, is diseased or is removed. Treating, slicing, removing and transplanting the genes is known as Genetic Engineering.

It was formerly a part of science fiction. But with a successful experiment on a four year old girl at National Institute of Health, Bethseda in USA the decoding of the mystery of genes began on September 14,1990. The girl was born with no natural protection against disease as her immune system lacked a particular gene responsible for it. Her blood cell was taken and altered to contain the particular gene, was multiplied and she was injected with one billion of her own blood cells. In another case the doctors altered genes to counteract an affected evil tumor. It is a fatal disease. A cell known as tumor infiltrating lymphocytes was removed and a gene that manufactures a cancer fighter was inserted in it. These cells were reproduced by millions and injected into the patient. The results have been very encouraging.

Researches in different countries in the world have estimated that there are about four thousand disorders because of defects in genes. These may be at the time of birth or may develop in later years. If the researches continue with the same spirit and enthusiasm it is a question of a few decades that Genetic Engineering will replace the conventional treatments in the medical world for the cure of a large number of diseases. John Sulston a lead British Scientist, according to a report of June 21, 2000 has claimed that Human Genome Project provides researchers 97 per cent of the human genetic code. Hundreds of scientists from the USA , Britain, France, Germany, Japan and China are working on the project.