Essay Writing – Vocational Education

English_Master August 21, 2012 No Comments
It is viewed that education is at the cross roads now. The lack of employment opportunities for nth educated emphasizes that our education. Particularly, the arts and science degree courses are not employment-oriented. A degree holder is midway between a specialist and a student who has completed high school education. His educational base is shaky as he is not master of any subject but who has picked up the rudiments of a subject. So his educational qualification is not meritorious enough to suit the high requirements of the numerous-technology-based institutions. So in the present situation what is needed is promotion of education in a subject which is employment oriented. Even diploma courses in sciences like computer, engineering or information technology will be of help to students. Nowadays most banks insist on first class graduates and many students who pass the degree courses have just the minimum pass marks. Candidates who sit for competitive examinations find it very difficult to fare well in the examination because the questions are tough. For recruitment in many institutions candidates who apply for jobs are expected to have scored high marks in the school or college examinations and fare well in group discussions with the top officers. Institutions have mushroomed everywhere offering degrees in...
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