In our life we remember some people for ever. School teachers are often remembered by all. The impressions of these teachers remain embodied into their students even after many years. In the school period most students are of tender age. So the impressions of teachers are deep and lasting.

Mathew was our Physics teacher at St. Peter’s School, Trivandrum. He was then young and handsome. He was affectionate to his students and soft-spoken. I had never seen him angry. Even if the students did something wrong he would amend them lovingly. His words and pleasing manner worked wonders.

Though he was soft his class was fully disciplined and he never scolded his students. All students loved him.

In a word, he was a magnetic teacher and all the students wanted to read his class.

Mr. Mathews was very much interested in games and sports. Everything he devoted some time for training the students for some games and athletic events. He had been playing himself. His constant coaching resulted in our team winning many prizes in games, meets and competitions. Whenever there was a match at any place other than our field, he would accompany the team besides the games teacher. He encouraged boys and worked as a strong source of encouragement to our teams. He loved and cared for us. We all remember him up to now.