English Proverbs – EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY

Proverb Expansion


Nobody can be permanently unlucky. One who is poor today may be rich tomorrow. It is wrong to think that a poor man will always remain poor. Similarly, a man who is rich today can lose all his fortune tomorrow. Fortune and misfortune are only two sides of life just as happiness and sorrow. If we remember this rule, we will not be too proud or boastful about ourselves. Nobody can be counted out just be­cause he is poor and helpless. Fate will help everyone sometime or other. There is no reason to get dejected at all. Good things are bound to come sometime or other. Meanwhile being disheartened does not help us to enjoy those good things. In short, we should be ambitious and proud of what we have without being greedy. At the same time, we should not get dejected with bad luck because it is bound to change sometime or other as every dog has his day.