Proverb Expansion


Bright things are attractive and sometimes remove the drudgery of life. But some bright things may just beguile us. A pair of bright blue eyes may make thousands of people mad. They belong to none of them. They just pine for them. The beautiful silvery clouds trailing in the sky may have lightening in their womb. It may bring the onlookers to their doom.

A Merlin or a Sanjeev Kumar may break the hearts of young boys and girls in their teens on the silver screen. Wash their faces off you find a middle aged woman or man with dimples or wrinkles. They may look your mother or father rather than a figure to fancy. The sweet tongued salesman deceives a number of gullible ladies and gentlemen all the day.

A sycophant is the sweetest man for a rich man or an inexperienced statesman. A coterie of such men creates a bright ring round the politician. When do they give him a fatal stroke only time can tell? They may bathe him with sweet showers of praise but may betray him at the moment of trial. Their golden tongue may bite him.

The modern politicians are mostly young smiling personalities when they are at your doors during elections. They are unmasked in the Parlia­ment or the Assemblies. Many prove rogues throwing chairs, breaking mikes and physically attacking one another.

A promising, handsome youngman – the face beaming with broad smiles may enchant you and you may hand him over the destiny of the nation. But a Nixon or a graceful Takeshita may be found indulged in multi million illegal deals. A handsome profumo may lose his career due to the keeler affairs. Beware of the handsome smiling smugglers and mafias who influence the politicians or become themselves. Most of the people wear beautiful masks. Wisdom lies in judging them from their intrinsic qualities and not their outward appearance. Appearance are generally deceptive.