Thinking is really a strange thing. When I was a boy I was often long for having a kind of ability in air swimming here and there. It is like a free fish in water and this kind of feeling often appears in my dreams. Therefore I toughly believe I will have this capacity some day. When I grow up I get older. I also know the real person can’t fly like a bird in the air. But class is over one day I suddenly consider I explain other persons’ articles in discuss­ing and talking in the evening. I seem to need writing. I ex­press my minds with others. I say my words for my lovely and my favorite education. I consider for the lovely children and the children those need to be loved. So I have a kind of flying feeling little by little. It is like a fish and a bird in think­ing world. It is joyful and free. I have a kind of feeling like committing a crime if I don’t write some day. So I work hard all the time. One person will meet many things in his whole life. Some of them are lucky or unlucky. Some of them are high or low. But there are different results to different per­sons.

 Child doesn’t have a good mind. There will be much unnecessary trouble on the front walking way. Even it is regret.

There is a child like this. She studies well. But she has self-willed tempers at home. She doesn’t like working and doesn’t care for the others. When some things aren’t confi­dence with her wills she gets angry very much. She thinks she is always right. She doesn’t hear all other persons’ words. Every spring we will have the whole school working here. Sometimes we plant trees. Sometimes we dig the garden’s earth to be ready for planting flowers. So every class will prepare the techniques in advance. As she is a good student, the teacher master says to her “Tomorrow we will work, you bring a prong at first when the teacher arranges the techniques. The teacher can’t complete his words and the student stands up and says she doesn’t bring a prong. The teacher can’t con­sider the student will be like this. The teacher is very angry. This also concerned the teacher’s respect. When the teacher talked about this thing with me he was still quite angry and knocked at the desk. He says he have never met this kind of students before.

I ask him what about afterwards. To our surprise, she doesn’t bring a prong because she can’t carry.

Of course the teacher can’t accept this reason and he criticized her hard. She cried. She brought a prong the next day. Her parents asked the neighbor’s child help her to bring it.  She can’t carry it.

I think it isn’t the problem of the heavy prong. It is asso­ciated with her mind.

We should come to have a look at how she forms this kind of mind.

Family affects are great to our children. The parents’ mind, realization, habits, horrifies, qualities will often react the roles on the children. This mainly relies on the imitation. When I clean the floor my six year-old little daughters also clean. I don’t know where she finds a rag. She also wants to help me clean the floor. When I wash my rag I find how 1 wash, she also washes like as I wash. I turn into the insert she also turns into the insert. At last I open my rag to swing my hand. She also does like what I do. Then it is stranger. She absolutely doesn’t learn from me. All her actions are realiz­ing. Who let me be this ugly life? Perhaps she saw my model that I stoop my body when she was younger and lying in swad­dling clothes. She remembered these in her heart. I really wonder what she is thinking about when she stared at me with her black eyes. Perhaps she didn’t have a great idea when she was a baby. She will help her father clean the floor when she grows up. Perhaps she is thinking who the man like a bear on the floor is.

The mind can’t be seen. But this doesn’t mean we can’t master it. One person’s words and actions can reveal a part of his mind. The people around her can reveal his part. The student’s father has ever come to our school once. He drank a lot and spoke babbling. We only consider he drunk a lot to come to the school. We may know he doesn’t respect our teachers or he doesn’t think the teachers are a kind of great career. According to his talking contents he seemed to be unhappy with the working that the school organizes. He also said again and again that his daughter studied very well. She never let her parents worry about her studying. We are easy to find the reason she don’t bring a prong.

The obstacle that we educate the children to get great doesn’t only come from the children’s defects. The bigger obstacle is the places the children’s defects were formed. It isn’t enough that we only give the children some knowledge. We should still give the children a high-minded mind. The back seems to be harder. B. A.?E->G—N zSi also thinks some family life style, the parents’ relations and the parents’ atti­tude will destroy the children’s kindness, goodness and ac­tivities that they are formed at school. They are all dissolved.

The duty of the education makes the children get rid of this kind of negative effect.

Love of combining goodness and kindness dissolves and alters radically the children mind’s defects.

We use all kinds of means to make this kind of child be affected by school education.

We use collective strength win all kinds of ugly things.