The deaths exceed thousands each year, almost as many as million lives, and behind this serious issue, there is a simple solution; the solution is school foods. I, and many others, extremely disagree with the current filthiness of school foods that are provided regularly; therefore, the food conditions must be improved. Inside your body, the chemicals clog your blood vessels; ravage your heart, liver, and kidney. Their purpose is to subjugate your body and mind. The store of toxic substances inside a teenage body will cause diseases when they grow older. Moreover, the annual statistics show extremely high expenses acquired to purchase hospital necessities. Not only does it come at the cost of so much money, it comes at an irreplaceable cost of lives. Furthermore, the companies that provide such foods do not care of you or your family’s health. Clearly, it is conspicuous that school foods are worthless gar­bage and we need actions to stop it now.

In a world, where obesity and hypertension becomes one of more frequent issues; the studies show that high consum­mation of calories and cholesterol are harmful. The adequate amount of calories for maintaining your body healthy is about 1400 cal. a day. Every student pays two dollars to receive a regular lunch, which consists of a main food, drinks and fries. These yellow grease compacts, which people call fries are an abundant source of cholesterol and calories. In a single meal, you can easily obtain, say, about 1100 cal. This abnormal in­take of these chemicals can prove to be very unhealthy to your body. Yet, obstinate thoughts deter you from restriction of consuming these substances. Before you realize the pitiful condition of your body, the grease rapidly flows into your blood stream. The liver, heart and many more essential or­gans will be quickly overflowed with indescribable filth. The increase of blood pressure and the livers being destroyed are the factors that render catastrophic results.

Compelled by greed, the people who provide school food care nothing of student’s health. All they are concerned with is to become rich. Who are they to think of themselves as such important figures prior to human beings health? They are, by all means, worthy of the tiniest respect. Take fries as an example of their “flawless” work. The oils are filthy and when you bite into those fries, the grease oozes out into your mouth. Talking about fries, how will you ever find out that the potatoes have been dropped on the ground or started to grow mold a couple weeks ago? It is truly ridiculous and condemn to any furthermore consuming of such work of filth and despicable greed.

Each year, as many as a million lives are taken away by ruthless beings called heart attacks. Heart attacks, although they’re common due to recent drastic increase of abomina­tion, aren’t unavoidable. The disaster doesn’t strike randomly to people they choose. They have a simple cause. Quiet obvi­ously, our body is vulnerable and more than anything, you must obtain foods carefully. People are careless and careless­ness is death. That’s what provokes heart attacks; the arteries gradually becoming like streets of New York City because of cholesterol. Why can’t we simply overcome our arrogance and admit that our foods are 100% crap? If you admit it, at least it won’t kill you.

A large percentage of the surgeries fail as much as they succeed, causing loss of loved family members. The body itself suffers. Pain flows through your arms and legs like elec­tricity moves through water. Then your heartbeat will come to a sudden stop instantly leaving you full of painful regrets and despair. If one/tenth or even one/thousandth of 125 bil­lion dollars were used to improve the school food, you wouldn’t be dead. In fact, you’d be out on the green field, full of vivacious spirit and valor. Doesn’t the fact that all you value, all your possessions, and money will be gone, trigger a call for better foods?

Ultimately, the toxicants can decimate your health. Moreover, people who caused such pain do not care at all. Annually, 125 billion dollars are spent and it will increase as the time goes on. Face the cold truth that was never to linger within this society. I completely disagree on the continuing of such ridiculous, worthless controversy. It is an astounding wonder how this burden came to play a role in schools, but it’s not too late. Just because there’s been a failure, it doesn’t mean that we can’t solve it. That is our task. On the year of 2003, we are given two and only two choices; either we can improve, or we can accept the way this wasted world has be­come. As Bill Cosby once said, “I am what I ate, and I’m afraid of it!” It is scarily, terrifyingly true. We are the cause of our own destruction.