Essay about MY SCHOOL


I study in Government Model Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi. It is a very big school. The school is located on a main road. It has two storey building and also a big ground. There are one thousand and sixty teachers in my school. There is a beautiful park in the school. I love my school very much because I have been studying in it for five years. Students prefer to study here because it imparts very good education which helps them in their later life. It is difficult to get admission here because it admits only bright students. My school has very good teachers. They teach the students with great devotion and are always serious about their future.

Facilities of studying all subjects are available in the school. There is also a big library. There the books on many subjects such as science, literature, mathematics, stories, etc are available. It has a big reading room. My school also has a big gymnasium There students undertake exercise and other physical activities.

My school has made a name not only in studies but also in other fields like sports. The students always win awards in contests. The school is one of the very few schools in Delhi which has made a name in sports and extracurricular activities. The students are well mannered. They come to school in time and study keenly. They respect their teachers and elders. Teachers always check our home-task. There is co-operation between the students and the teachers. I like my school very much because it is playing an important role in making my life meaningful.