Short Essay on OUR SCHOOL PEON


Ganga Ram is the peon of our school. He is about forty-year old. He wears a ‘khaki’ uniform when on duty. He is always happy. He lives in a small quarter within the school compound.  Ganga Ram is a strong and healthy man. He keeps his hair tidy. His sandals are always shinning. He always wears a small cap on his head. On holidays he wears a kurta-pyjama. He is very punctual. He rings the first bell half an hour before school time He opens the door and windows of class rooms. He dusts furniture in classes and sets them in proper order He opens the principal’s office. He also cleans table and chairs. After that he rings the second bell. The classes are held after the second bell.

Ganga Ram does not forget his duties. He gives pieces of chalk and duster to each teacher He rings the bell according to the time-table. He sits on a stool in front of the headmaster’s (principles) office. When the principal rings the call bell, Ganga Ram at once enters his room to listen to him. We like our school peon. He helps us when the need arises. He tells us to work hard and be good children. He is a dutiful servant. All the students love him very much.