India being a democratic country holds a very important position in the world. In fact, she is the largest democracy in the world. It is but natural that every citizen can hope of becoming the prime minister of the country. I also hope to succeed to that position one day, if I happen to outshine other students in studies and then manage to have numerous admirers who will elect me first a Member of Parliament. I shall try my best to become very popular among the elected members so that they could elect me their leader. As a matter of fact, the prime minister is the real ruler of the country and he is responsible only to the elected body, the Lok Sabha. Whosoever is the prime minister, he wields the powers to rule the nation.

My first task after becoming the prime minister will be to choose the best ministers for my cabinet. I will further ensure that technically sound young men should also find a place in the cabinet so that their expertise is used for the betterment of the country. Then, I will see that all the big mills be nationalized so that the profit earned through labourers’ hard work should not go to the capitalists alone. The workers must get their due share. I will ensure that only expert persons should head those industries, even if they are not government-employee. Foreign dependence would be minimized as far as possible. That step would also ensure security to the nation. Special steps will be taken in the agriculture sector.

Research centers will be established to get the best seeds to boost production. All facilities would be provided to the farmers. The educational system will be totally changed. Students after getting the basic education up to 10th class would be given vocational training besides academic. All the courses will be job-oriented. Corruption in any form will be dealt with in the strictest manner and corrupt persons will be awarded deterrent punishment.

I know that ruling a nation is not an easy job. It cannot be done without the active support of the people. I shall try my best to educate the people in order to eradicate all types of social evils. A strong sense of patriotism has to be inculcated in citizen’s mind. I shall take appropriate steps to revive our national pride. India only then can make progress.