POLICEMAN: Short Essay


The policeman is a government servant. He is a very useful person in our society. Some people think that a policeman is a cruel being, but, in fact, he serves the public and is a friend of good people. The policeman is a guardian of law and is supposed to follow it. He is always ready to save the people from bad characters and dangerous situations at the cost of his own life. He has to take many risks while performing his functions.

We find policeman mostly at crossings. He wears a khaki uniform. He keeps a stick in hand and sometimes a revolver He keeps watch over unsocial elements. He lets the public live peacefully. He helps if any accident takes place and keeps the criminals under check.

Policeman can be called for duty any time, even at night He maintains law and order in the city. He has to keep away from his family and thus cannot look after his children properly. Sometimes he has to fight with robbers and thieves. In spite of his hard duties he is lowly paid.

We find ourselves safe due to policeman. He also controls traffic on roads. The policeman should be polite to all and should sympathize with the people in trouble.

Contrary to belief, policeman is a useful person. But he should improve his image. He should be adequately paid and attract respect so that he can preserve order in a better way.