Student in another city, youngsters, often become more socialized and independent since they live alone for years, where there is no one to care them. However, students of other cities often become confused to rent a home or to live in the dormitory. Although parents often disagree with home leas­ing, it is better to live at home rather than living in dormitory because in this way students may avoid distractions of dorm living, they may be freer and it is a good practice to learn how to manage a home.

In a dormitory, there are many students from different cultures, religions and beliefs. So, because of these differences, they may cause have problems for each other con­sciously or unconsciously. For instance, if you are a Hindu and one of your mates is Muslim, you may have lots of disa­greements in your beliefs. Consider he is praying and you cross from the front of him, it makes him mad of you and drives her crazy, although you didn’t mean anything in fact and you didn’t think it may creates any problems for him. However, living at home you can find friends and mates from your own city, with the same culture and beliefs. Therefore, you can live together with no misunderstandings, joyfully and funny because you are aware of what irritates them or makes them enjoy.

Not only does living at home give you the choice to live with the people from your own culture, but also there is still another factor that makes it more preferable than dormitory and that is freedom and privacy you have at your own home. You can leave your money, books, foods in refrigerator and etc. there and it is guaranteed that no one shall take them. Sometimes you and your friend feel joyful and you tend to dance or sing you are free to do. The other problem with dormitory is that it is forbidden to drink wine or smoke at dormitories and if you are a smoker or you may tend to drink some wine some times, this limitation really kills you. How­ever, you are free at your home to drink or not, to smoke or not, etc. Your friend may come from your town to visit you. But if you are living in a dormitory you can’t host them be­cause students are not allowed to bring guests there. How­ever, at your home you are free to host everybody no matter who he or she is.

Living at home, not only you may benefit from factors mentioned above, you can practice how to manage a home. Consider you have a fixed salary or pocket money for each month and you can only spend this sum. Now, you should manage your money to pay the rental, bills, buy food and etc

it teaches you how to spend your money. Since it is not possi­ble for you to go and eat sandwich every meal, you should learn cooking too. You should try to keep your home clean because you have no one to clean the home for you!

All and all, although living at dormitory is chipper, I advise you since you are not youngster forever and you are Student only once, you would better to lease a home to live in. in this way you will enjoy this period of your life more and you will be more comfortable and relaxed.