A RAILWAY ACCIDENT:Essay Writing Topics


During the last few months, there have been many railway accidents. The losses incurred due to these accidents are immense. In July, there occurred a serious accident between Frontier Mail and Bombay Express near Ratlam Station. It occurred during the early hours of the morning.

As the two trains collided with each other, there was a deafening sound. Everybody felt paralyzed by the dreadful noise.

The scene at the accident spot was tragic and pathetic. The engine of the Frontier Mail, after striking against the Bombay Express engine forged deep into the compartment of Bombay Express. Both the trains were equally damaged. The passengers of trains were in a state of shock. Some died because of the serious injuries while some passengers were sandwiched. Some had lost their legs and arms while others were bleeding profusely. It was a spectacle difficult to see with eyes. The luggage lay broken and scattered. The belongings of the passengers were lying strewn all around.

Medical aid was immediately rushed for the injured and wounded passengers. Vans and ambulance came to the rescue. First aid was also given to the victims. Some passengers were carried to the hospital in the ambulance while others, who were not so seriously wounded, were bandaged there and then. Food and medicines were also brought by the people living near the site of the railway accident. People from far and wide came to identify their kith and kin, friends and relatives. The entire spot was full of victims, doctors, nurses, social workers and the relatives of the victims. It was the most soul-piercing and heart-throbbing scene.

Later, people enquired about the cause of the accident. It was learnt that the signal man gave wrong signals. It was one of the most pathetic and disastrous accidents in the history of Indian Railways.