There are some people in society who talk much more than they should. They are always ready to offer suggestions, advice and recommendations even when they are not asked to. No one wants to listen to them yet they continue to bore people with their never-ending chatter. Such people do not think before they speak and often land themselves into unnecessary trouble. They love to indulge in talking all day and never getting down to doing any work at all. The practical examples are our present-day political leaders. They make a lot of promises during election time but hardly keep them when they return to power. In fact one must do great things without promising them. A man is required to do more work than talking because life passes by too fast and one has to accomplish a lot in one’s life.

There have been men like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehruji, Mother Teresa and Vinoba Bhave who spoke much less than they performed. They spent a lot of time in planning their course of action that would bring peace and prosperity to the country. Mother Teresa spent many hours in silence but the work that she did for the poor was unmatched.

Such people who work more and talk less are very intense and sensible people. They weigh the actions logically. Their minds are always preoccupied with their thoughts and they never go around broadcasting their views to the whole world. They do discuss matters with their friends and relations but they put their thoughts into actions as soon as they have talked about them. They do not indulge in gossip and they put all their energies into their work. Such people are good examples to their juniors as they also inspire those who work with and under them. They remain silent but their work and achievements speak.