I live in Delhi. Delhi is the Capital of India. It is the seat of the Central Government. Many government offices are located here. There are embassies, great and beautiful buildings, gardens, lawns, parks, statues and other things of interest. But there are also some places that can be termed as slums and dirty spots. Therefore, there is need to beautify it.

First of all, there is urgent need of repairing roads. The roads are in very bad shape and damaged. A person from foreign does not get a good impression of it. Therefore, there is need for repairing and reconstructing roads. Moreover, there are some old and ancient buildings in various parts of the city. They are in ruins. They not only mar the beauty of the city, but also cause accidents. Therefore, these old building must be repaired.

There are many slums. Dirty water and sewage get spread on to the streets. This dirty water not only gives a foul smell but also breeds mosquitoes. The pools of stagnant water are very harmful for our health. They should be removed as that gives a bad impression on those who visit it.

Then, there are some unauthorized constructions in the city. The houses are not properly built. There are no proper drains and by lanes in many localities. The houses are not built without proper planning. This also mars the beauty and grandeur of the city. It is necessary to demolish all such structures. Instead, there should be beautiful and grand houses. Modern designs in architecture should be used in their construction.

The number of public parks in the city is also small. Public parks and gardens add to the beauty of the city. These parks and gardens act as places of recreation and relaxation for the citizens. Therefore, such places should be developed.

On the whole, the city needs to be renovated. All steps must be taken to beautify the city. The roads should be widened, the slums should be removed and the hut dwellers should be allotted land somewhere else because residents living in these huts cannot maintain their dwellings.