I shall ever remember my 12th birthday. It was celebrated in a grand style. My birthday falls on the 13th of April every year. Baisakhi is also celebrated the same day.  My birthday falls in the spring season and days are very pleasant then. This year a cool and fragrant breeze was blowing. All my friends and near relatives were invited for the occasion.

A special sky-blue shirt and a black trouser were prepared for me. It was a day full of excitement, joy and expectations. The drawing room was tastefully decorated with flowers, balloons and colourful paper buntings.

In the evening, the celebrations began when all the guests arrived. Then I went into the hall dressed in my special clothes. They were all waiting for me. They welcomed me by clapping hands and handshakes.

The birthday cake had been placed on a large table with ten candles fixed on it. It was a large and beautiful chocolate cake. Candles were lit. I blew them out in one blow and then cut the cake. Friends and relatives cheered me loudly, clapped and sang “happy birthday to you.”

I was given so many presents, all wrapped beautifully. The guests were served with cake pieces, sweets, snacks and soft drinks and tea. There was much fun, merry-making, laughter and jokes. Children were given toffees and chocolates. As a return gift, every person was given a set of books.

When the party was over, I unpacked the gifts. I was surprised to find so many lovely gifts. My father gave me a wrist watch. My mother bought for me a new bicycle. I thanked my parents for celebrating my birthday in such a grand style. I shall ever remember the day.