Ideas rule the world and thoughts decide the way of life. It is the mind which sculptures one’s destiny. If one thinks positively, thinks in right direction, one achieves the goal, what one aspires for.

A great thinker, writer, philosopher says, “Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day”. Ideas are nothing, but an outcome of one’s detailed thinking. They shape and determine the destiny of human beings, and contribute to the growth and well beings of the civilization. Every great achievements whether in the field of religion, science, medicine, space technology, information and communication sector or in any field, was at the first stage an idea. The most scintillating success, the astonishing scientific discovery, the splendid technological feats like splitting the atom, heart transplantation, cloning of sheep, unraveling the secrets of Mars, walking on the surface of Moon, were all the results of an idea in the beginning.

The success of a man depends mostly on his thoughts and self-confidence that helps in achieving something he desired, on his positivity on the hard work and perseverance. A single brilliant idea can change the life of a person. Our forefathers worshipped the Moon as a God, the Mars has also been adored as God of war, and so the ideas of conquering these planets whenever came to the mind would have positively been ridiculed by others. Some might have described such ideas as mere fantasies but soon they came out to be true. The fact remains that ideas, however strange unorthodox or heretic they might have seemed at the initial stage, can ultimately wrought miracles and bring about revolutions. Despite all odds, if the thinker has confidence and courage to persist with his ideas, and act on it, he can get the wonderful results, even if he has never himself imagined so earlier.

Had we ever thought of the present revolution in Information Technology two decades back? It was the vision of Azim Hashmi Premji, NR Narayan Murthy, as also the late Dewang Mehta, Sam Pitrala and others who catapulted India among the super powers in IT sector, making the first two Mr. Premji and Narayan Murthy, enter the elite Billionaire Club. Ideas with knowledge, lead to action and success comes to you with folded hands. Knowledge is power. When we use our knowledge and understand the problems, analyze the prevailing situation, with hard work and perseverance, the solution is not far to reach.

If one thinks of success, one creates a climate apposite for success, if one thinks failures; one sets the stage for it.

The flash of new idea strikes to those who have worked hard and given full thoughts to the problem. See the historical example of Archimedes jumping out of his bath-tub screaming ‘Eureka’ finding out the solution. The idea for a razor with a cheap disposable blade came to Gillette, while he was shaving himself.

It was the noble idea of Alfred Noble, inventor of Dynamite, to use his fortune for the establishment of Annual Awards to people, who contributed outstandingly in the field of    Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economics   and   Peace.  An   idea just   in mind or on paper without implementation is no idea, we are talking about. How to handle and implement the new idea is the most important thing to realize the goal? “Ideas are like rabbits, you get a couple, learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen”, John Steinbeck. Ideas scribbled by writers such a Karl Marx, Leo Tolstoy, Chanakya, Banabhatt, have proved as the heralds of change, revolutionizing the whole nation, stirring the public beliefs and caused the rise and fall of empires. In the field of marketing and advertising, it is the idea that changes the fortune of a company. The idea of developing network marketing chain, first introduced in Indian market by ‘Amway’ has revolutionized the concept of marketing, and is now being copied by one and all. Barbie Doll still rules the heart of millions and billions of children throughout the world. The world’s richest man, Mr. Bill Gates had vision of a computer on every desk at a time when computers were still in their nascent age, but the idea and vision of Mr. Gates became a reality.

A systematic combination of ideas is called creativity. The creativity is defined by Mr. John Mee “Creative thinking is the process of bringing a problem before one’s mind clearly as by imaging, visualizing, supposing, musing, contemplating and then originating an idea, concept, realizing or picture along new or unconventional lines”.

A creative idea is an entirely new or different concept which occurs several times by chance from the subconscious mind’s concentration on known ideas related to the problem on which the mind is pondering over subconsciously to find the solution.

This is the age of globalization, where ideas can do wonders. We are in the age of Test-tube babies; Cloning, Robot surgery and Eco-technologies nurturing white, blue and green revolutions for sustain ability of agricultural products.

In brief, it is the ideas that verily rule the world and also the minds of people. Idea and determination to translate it in practice can do wonders.