Proverb Expansion


Money is so dear that one conceives of money as being sweeter than honey. Therefore, who can give up the desire to accumulate money, especially in household life? Everybody whether thieves, professional servants, soldiers and merchants try to acquire money even by risking their very dear lives.

Money matters everywhere in the society. A rich person can purchase a finer house, a nicer car, better food, more effective schools, more courteous service.

We strive and yearn for money all day long—but for what purpose? To acquire the things we want in order to fulfill our needs and make us happy. Will money really meet our needs though? Are we even aware of what our needs really are? And once we have money, will it really do us any good?

Perhaps the reason so many rich, powerful and famous people descend into drugs and alcoholism is that deep down inside they sense the things they have are really very empty and temporal—a vain chasing after the wind. They experience disappointment after having acquired these things and go into denial that they still are not fulfilled and at peace. So, they must put up an act and pretend that having these things is some sort of an accomplishment and that it really means something. So, the game goes on, the act perpetuates itself and the more money and fame they get, the emptier they feel. The more empty they feel, the more money and power they seek. It is a vicious circle that is destined for total collapse.

And even if these things did mean something—they are only here in this life and will be left behind when we die. As the saying goes, “You can’t take it with you.” “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.”

Whatever said above is the crude truth but the fact even remains the same that money is very powerful, a very important entity, very necessary to lead a life happy and smoothly. And everyone will admit that money is sweeter than honey.