Proverb Expansion


One success leads to another success. If you get one success, it is usual that you get an encouragement to try to get another success. Success boosts confidence of a person. Success imbibes self respect; success motivates and fills one with glory. This change in emotional state has something to do with a truism we’ve all heard: “Nothing succeeds like success.” When you feel successful, you’re willing to tackle uncertain jobs in the belief that you’re going to succeed again. Success is the aim of success. That for we aspire for, reflects our ability and capability to do a thing.

Dedication, devotion to the task and positive thinking with determination has been the important factors of success of every successful man. Nothing that comes too easily is worth having? When you want to succeed, be ready to pay the price for it, which include braving failures and setbacks and keep persistent with your efforts till the goal is achieved. Mere talking idle, day dreaming or aimless drifting, will not take you to goal, but only divert your attention and dissipate your energy and strength. Hardships, obstacles, failures are the various points in the path of success. They are not to be evaded, but to face them bravely, courageously and with double vigour.

But mind it; achieving success is not an easy task. Success needs a lot of hard work, devotion and dedication to the task. Sometimes one has to face failures while trying to achieve something, but for getting success, such in between failures must be dealt with without any depression or frustration on the part of the person.

Once you succeed, keep the momentum. Keeping oneself at the top is a task more difficult than to achieve success. You are to put more hard work, more energies to get success further and maintain your hitherto achieved success. I believe in the saying that nothing succeeds like success.