The good looks of a man and his manners are two different things. A man might have good looks or fair skin, but he becomes attractive, pleasant and beautiful only if he has pleasing manners and good deeds. Our actions and manners are noticed by all. Manners are the ornaments that make a woman, a lady or a man gentle. A man is called a cultured man only if he possesses good manners.

But manners are not born with birth. They have to be cultivated. They are learnt at home and at school. A child, who is not taught how to talk, greet or speak like a civilized person, will grow up into an uncouth and disgusting person. A primitive man does not possess manners. Every society expects its members to be civilized. It is a civilized person only who will show any concern and consideration for others. He will be patient while listening to others’ problems and troubles. He will try to be diplomatic in his conversation so that he never hurts anyone’s feelings. He will show respect to his elders while dealing with those younger to him, he will be patient and mature and try to teach them good manners too.

A person with good manners greets his guests cordially and entertains them well. He will make them feel comfortable and see that they don’t complain. Good manners are examples for others. It makes a person popular. Such a person is more acceptable to the society while an ill mannered person will be looked upon with disdain. Such a person can even lose the friends that he has.

To learn good manners, one should pay attention to what one learns at school and at home. Not only is it important to learn these manners but it is also important to carry these out and always make them a part of personality. Unmannerly behaviour is highly undesirable and there can never be any excuse that can justify such behaviour coming from a person of any age.