Essay Writing about POLLUTION


Whenever man tried to progress and advance further, pollution inevitably took place. It has been seen that man always had to pay very dearly when he made some progress. The more man advanced towards development, the more pollution problems arose. Pollution can be in soil, water, air, noise etc. All types of pollution tell upon the health. The environmental pollution has even threatened humanity. This progress has been achieved by man through the scientific and technological methods. Many factories and mills were established for this purpose and all the natural resources were utilized for development.

Man began to cut down the trees. Forests were cleared and on those places new factories, mills were established. But man did not plant new trees in place of those trees. The chimneys of the factories began to emit out smoke. This polluted the air. This smoke was harmful not only for man but for natural vegetation also. Trees stopped growing. The means of transport increased and they added greatly to air pollution and noise pollution. The cars, buses, scooters and other vehicles exhaust so much polluted smoke, that it has become nearly impossible to lead a healthy life in the cities. The noise of machinery and other vehicles affect the ears and it has brought deafness to lakhs of people.

Many factories throw their waste material into the nearby rivers thus polluting the water. The fish and other water creatures cannot survive in that polluted water.

Apart from this, there is soil pollution. Many chemicals and pesticides are harmful for health. With the use of these things some types of vegetation and life have even become extinct from the earth. This soil pollution contaminates the river water through rainfall.

Today we are living in an age of pollution. Everything around us is polluted but the most dangerous type of pollution today is environmental pollution. This is the worst danger that man faces today. The fallout from nuclear testing has increased the incidence of cancer. The environmental pollution has endangered the very existence of all forms of lives including that of man.

The first step to check this pollution is that population growth should be checked. Natural resources should be redeveloped. The factories should adopt strict pollution control measures. The vehicles too should get their machinery checked regularly so that they may not exhaust much smoke/Deforestation should be totally stopped. All these measures will help mankind to fight pollution.