My father is a man of modern ideas. He often lets me visit the cinema, exhibition and circus. But I am very fond of circus shows than cinema or exhibition. The circuses are of various types  the circus which I saw last week at Parade Ground was the most impressive. In this circus were displayed the amazing feats of men, women and children. But the feats presented by animals and gymnasts were unforgettable.

The Olympic Circus arrived in Parade Ground in Delhi a fortnight ago. Last Sunday my father permitted me to visit the circus show. Three of my friends and I reached the circus gate in time to see the evening show. The circus was to begin in a huge tent, which was decorated by colourful electric bulbs and tubes. They gave a charming sight. We bought the tickets and entered the tent. Inside the tent there were long circular rows of wooden benches and folding chairs. Everywhere there were people of different ages belonging to different communities. We got our seats in the front row and waited anxiously for the show to begin.

As the show began there was pin drop silence. Many interesting and strange feats were presented. We saw a tiger drinking water with a goat in the same pot, a monkey having ride on an elephant, a girl crossing a fiery circle a man walking on a rope without any support, a little girl driving a single-wheel bicycle and many other performances. The gymnastic feats presented by young boys and girls made our hair stand. The clown made us laugh throughout the show. He was dressed beautifully with a hat made of birds feathers on his head. He had a long nose and a pipe in his hand, just to look like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. His every action made us laugh. He walked and ran strangely.

I liked almost all the feats of the show but I was very much impressed by gymnastic feats. I was amazed to see them moving and bending their body like a rubber rod.

I think these circus shows not only amuse us and entertain us but also add to our knowledge about the animals. At the end of the show we left out seats and came back to our homes. I told my father about the show as a memorable one.