To be the Prime Minister of a country is a matter of pride. He can wake or mar the country.

I wish I were the Prime Minister of India so that I might serve my country in a most humble manner. The Prime Minister enjoys the highest place in the Government of India, next to the President of India. However, in reality it is the Prime Minister who does everything on behalf of the President of India. It is, therefore, that I wish I could serve my country as Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister serves the country self-lessly and with great devotion and sacrifice. The welfare of the country is always uppermost in his mind. He is always concerned about it. Day in and day out he thinks of the poor, down trodden masses of the country and wants to improve their lot quit earnestly.

As a Prime Minister of India I would see that the poverty vanishes from this land for ever and people get at least two  square meals a day. I would also see that illiteracy is removed from the masses and all the people acquire the knowledge of three R’s. I would make education free for all up to middle classes.

As a Prime Minister I would work to bring about communal harmony in the country. People would not fight in the name of religion, caste or language. I would take effective steps to check communal riots. My next step would be to fight corruption which is rampant these days throughout the country. I would not let the public money be wasted.

My next priority as a Prime Minister would be that India continues to acquire strength so that she can face internal disturbances and external aggressions from any quarters. I would not allow any complacence in this regard, because a weak nation always invites invaders. I would make the country’s defence stronger. Armed forces of the country would be well-provided in all respects so that no enemy dares have evil designs against our sovereignty.

However, I would continue to follow the policy of h peaceful co-existence and maintain friendly relations with our neighbouring countries like China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and “Bangladesh. India would not join any power blocs but she would always take keen interest in the non-aligned movement. She would work for the welfare of mankind and endeavour to bring about a new economic order so that the developed countries of the world may not exploit the developing countries.

India would always work for world peace and human good. She can raise her head high among the community of nations. I am sure the power blocs would realize the importance of non-aligned movement and give up the bloc in the interest of the human race. I would promote trade and improve agriculture and industry. I would lead India to great heights.