If I were a millionaire, what shall I do with my millions? Of course, I cannot eat my gold! I can eat two meals a day like the poorest of human beings.

I will use this money to bring an end to the money-minded civilization. Money has become a great problem. Nobody thinks of the work he can do. Everybody thinks on the money, he can extract from the others.

The first method to achieve my aim would be to form small community where people would work together for tin good of all without thinking of the individual. Everybody would devote himself to the general good. Money would haw a secondary position in its thinking, living and doing.

It might be small community of say a hundred men women and children. They would pool together all that resources-men, money and material. All money would be kept in a common fund which would create opportunities of employment, food, clothing, houses and entertainment for everybody. We should pool together our technical skills and other resources for the good of all. Production on a large scan is always cheaper and better. To this common effort I would give my millions.

This is how I will use money. I will create a moneyless, civilization. Money is the prime cause of all troubles in the modern world. What we need is a civilization with less stress on the profit motive, a state in which qualities of head and heart are more prized than power and possessions.

This in brief, is my scheme to use millions. I would pass my days supervising the community institutions. I know I will have my hands full, but the satisfaction that I will get from my belief that my money is being properly used, will more than compensate me.

It is also possible that I will have to meet some opposition from various people. I may earn many nicknames, but these things will not deter me. For I know that the task of community welfare is a thankless task. But I know also that my work will be certainly appreciated in the long run.

Actually it is very difficult to say what would have happened if the circumstances were difficult. Since I am not a millionaire, I can make many claims on my conscience. But if the voice of conscience, however feeble, is any guide, I would say, with certainty, that I would love to live like any poor man if I were a millionaire.