Think of Shivaji! Think of Guru Gobind Singh! Think of Rani of Jhansi! Think of Joan of Arc!

Joan of Arc left her humble parents to battle for the Freedom of France. Rani of Jhansi fought in India’s First War of Independence in 1857. Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh with us fought against Mughals for the liberation of the Motherland.

Then you have Columbus! He was a brave soldier who brought Europe to America and opened the golden threshold of prosperity for Western civilization.

Think of Robert Clive who founded the British Empire in India. He was not the kind of life one would put into the hands of the young people. One would do one’s best to keep the youth away from the type of life Clive was leading in his youth. So public opinion does not matter. The youth must have confidence of courage and courage of confidence.

“The time would fail me”, says R.L. Stevenson, “If I were to recite all the big names in history.”

In the course of time, we grow to love things we hated and hate things we loved. Naughty boys grow up to be very useful if they are given the opportunity to bring out the best and the brightest in them.

Milton, one of the greatest English poets, was dull at school. Mahatma Gandhi himself was at the tail of the class. So a dull beginning may be brilliant ending and a brilliant beginning may lead to a sad end. It is the stuff in the youth that matters, not mere success in the examination.

We change with the times and times change Parsi statue in Mumbai says, ”Trust in God and be not daunted”.