There is a general view in the society that the rich-specially the executive class keep away from their families. There are some, of course, who are anglicized and have not been washed in the nation’s cultural background. They would like to leave their parents, send their children to mission schools having boarding and lodging facilities and would like to live alone. They would attend discotheques attend parties arranged by friends and go for week end programmes outside their homes. But such people are rather an exception than a rule.

A survey done in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore in March-April 2002 has a different story to-fell. The surveyors found that the successful corporate executives are workaholic working from 8.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and have no time left for anything else. Drinking and smoking are out. The executive has just the remote controller to have entertain­ment on the television. Many of them listen to news only and enjoy time with children or even parents. 55 per cent prefer to spend their leisure time at home. Sometimes they enjoy movies too.

May look strange to modern man but 50 per cent prefer joint family system. They feel that it gives a lot of security. If one has children parents can take care of them. Many of them think that one needs elders for support, especially in today’s recession hit market where there is no job security. A joint family acts as a buffer in case of a crisis.

Many executives have health as low on the priority list. Only 5% visit a gym everyday only 30 per cent go for a daily walk. Only 21% go for annual checkup. For most of them time is the constraining factor. They have no time for friends. But they have firm faith in God. Still they don’t have time to visit a temple regularly.

One of the executives was asked, “What’s the new corporate type then?” Spontaneous was the reply, “A steady down-to-earth person whose lifestyle centers on his work and family.”

Joint family has rather become a craze for the majority. Mumbai tops with 77% followed by 69% of Delhi 55% like to spend time with family. Only 3% attend parties. 70% watch TV for relaxation. News sports and music are their favourity programmes. Majority does not drink hard liquor or smoke. Kolkata is rather an exception in this. May look strange but 49% prefer arranged marriages, 32% swear by love and 4% say no to marriage. More than believe in God but only 13% visit a place of worship. 13% do not go at all. Well let us wish they do something more for their soul.