Annual Examinations were approaching and I had certain problems to solve in Civics, one of my subjects. Our teacher considered Jagmohan very intelligent student. Instead of going to Mr. Swamy, our teacher I went to Jagmohan. His mother showed me his room and asked me to wait for him. After about five minutes the door of an almirah opened and Jagmohan Kutty appeared. I was surprised. It was actually door of lava­tory. Kutty told me he did not go out of that room. He studied so much that he had no time to see any one. He had prepared 25 questions in civics-rather gulped them. He had done the same in all the subjects. I was feeling suffocated. He told me the name the book and I came out with all that he had crammed be of course secured first division. But so had I and some of my friends who were good players and took interest in so many activities. Later on I was told that Kutty secured II division in Intermediate after which he entered in Madras University to secure III division. He never returned home from Madras and became a clerk in some government office. Too much of work and no play had made him a dull boy.

Srinivasan was a very intelligent chap. He was much senior to me. I was studying for High School examination. He was preparing for admission in one of the IITs (Indian Institute of technology). The papers are difficult and he studied seriously. But just at rise in the evening he would come to my house with a bat and ball. He would ask me to accom­pany him to the ground saying, “Shut your books. Make your mind fresh or you will be a dull boy and lose in the examination too.” We would go to the nearby play ground and would play with some other companions. He was selected in his first attempt while I too secured a very high percentage of marks qualifying for admission to the best institutions of the city.

A job in a bank is quite absorbing-counting notes, doing calcula­tions and adjusting computers. After this work the bank officials to save themselves from growing dull. Some would involve themselves social activities. Some go for indoor games with their children. Other would go to their friend’s house for fun and frolic. Some of the best Cricket players and sportsmen are the creation of banks.

A job in the railways on the technical side too is quite hazardous. The employees have to keep their mind fresh. They too go for games Railway too have produced first rate players and sportsmen. They are intelligent men doing hard work while in job and playing while they are free.

Games, sports and social activities are very important in our life. Almost all the kings in the past studied in Gurukuls where together with studies they had to go yogasans and take part in different games. After becoming kings they would regularly go to forests for hunting and keep themselves afresh.

In the modern days too big businessmen and industrialists involve themselves in sports activities. J. N. Tata would work as pilot in aero planes and would play golf even at a later stage of his life.

Games and sports have caught the fancy of politicians too. Whilesome of them are very good in certain games others play games in Parliament or legislative assemblies. Mulayam Singh is interested in both. He is a good wrestler as well as a fast runner to the well of the house if his party does not support a bill. Their demand for the exit of NarendraModi from the Chief Minister ship of Gujarat after prolonged communal riots in that state after burning of 56 compartment of Sabarmati Express keptthe members of the parliament playing the game of screaming. That might have given afresh lease to their lungs. It is rather a game at the cast of public exchequer. Whatever it may be it keeps them fresh. Those who do not rush to the well look dull and drab.