Essay Writing Topics on HEROES MUST DIE


Blaine the big was half badger and half troll. He was a huge beast (nearly twice the height of a human) and was almost completely covered in spikes. He hated his space colony. He lived with fake trees, fake grass, fake rain, and all sorts of fake things. He longed to live on Earth and see the real things. He tried multiple times to break into the space airports and enter a ship to Earth, but the wizard guards always caught him.

One day, while Blaine was sleeping, the DANGER 1 alarm went off. The alarm was only used for extremely dan­gerous situations. Blaine and his pet dorg (a big dog trained to kill), Leo, ran out to see what the commotion was about. He felt cold fear run all down his body. There, right in front of him, was a huge troll. Trolls had horribly big bodies and had spikes everywhere below the neck. It smelt horrible and had a double-ended axe. “What do we have here?” the troll said. “Don’t hurt me-I’m half troll. You wouldn’t hurt me would you?” stammered Blaine. Blaine decided to go for the friendly approach. “Your axe looks … marvelous,” he said. Trolls loved to hear their weapons get compliments.

This troll was no exception. “You think so? I really like my axe. My name’s Pete the Perilous. So, what other half are you?” “I’m Blaine. I’m half badger as well as half troll,” an­swered Blaine. Blaine decided that Pete wasn’t all that bad. “What troll dynasty are you from?” Blaine asked. “Oh, I’m not a troll. I’m a seronto,” said Pete. “What!” blurted Blaine? Serontos were extremely rare these days because of their not-so-smart minds. Serontos have the power to change into any­thing they want, and a lot of times they would turn into some­thing deadly. Therefore, the wizards kill them not knowing they were serontos. “Turn into something smaller!” hissed Blaine. With a “pop” he turned into a pen. Blaine hastily put the pen into his pocket.

Just then, a score of wizards came around the corner, all with their staffs out. “Did you see a troll around here?” the eldest wizard asked. “No” replied Blaine. He didn’t dare tell the wizards that the troll was actually a seronto, because the wizards would have just taken him to the ejection room (a room where you are sent into space to die), innocent or not because of the chaos he created.

He rushed home with Leo and Pete. “Turn to something alive, but not so destructive,” said Blaine. Pete turned into an elf, an extremely friendly creature with healing powers, great wisdom, and an excellent singing voice. He had six fingered hands with long arms and legs, which made it fast. It also had wings the size of doors. “What were you doing back there?” asked Blaine. “I was looking for a way down to Earth,” re­plied Pete. “Wow, I wanted to go to Earth myself.” exclaimed Blaine, quivering with excitement. “It’s very late. Let’s talk more tomorrow,” said Blaine. He showed Pete the guest room and they both went to sleep, while Leo stood on guard.

In the morning, Blaine smelt something wonderful. He went down to the kitchen to find Pete cooking breakfast. “Breakfast smells wonderful, Pete,” said Blaine. Just before they had their first bites, there was another alarm. Blaine didn’t know what this alarm was because he never heard it before. Blaine and Pete ran outside and smack into a wizard. The wizard hastily told them that an unidentified flying object was flying towards them and shooting space colonies. Just then, Blaine, Pete, and everybody eke on their colony felt the floor shake. The wizard hurried them to a ship and set their course to Earth. He told them to land in Atlantis and send reinforce­ments to space. With that, he sent them hurling through space. Just then, Blaine realized that he left Leo back in the space colony; Pete wouldn’t let Blaine turn the ship around. After 26 hours without food, they finally landed on Earth, but not Atlantis. When Blaine stepped outside, Blaine realized they were in a desert. Pete saw a piece of parchment on the ground and saw that it was a map. It had all of Australia’s cities and Australia’s surrounding countries, including Atlantis. Blaine realized that they must have landed in Australia. He shouted with joy. A little further they found a bottle with a bubbly concoction in it. On the side it said:

The drinker’s eye shall forevermore live on

 Pete was able to translate it because it was in eleven-tongue. It said:

The drinker’s eye shall forevermore live on

Before Blaine could figure out what Pete said, Pete drank the whole concoction. Blaine didn’t mind because he already had great eyesight.

They went to the nearest city and got provisions. Then they started out on their journey to Atlantis. Pete turned into a hover car and Blaine got in. It made the trip a lot easier and a lot faster. In three days they reached the coast. There, Pete turned into a boat and they started their way towards Atlantis. In a week, with good winds, Pete and Blaine arrived at Atlantis. The people of Atlantis immediately took Blaine as hostage but not Pete because he turned into a fly and closely followed Blaine. He wondered if he should tell the king about the chaos in space because of his short imprisonment. When he was brought up to the king, he saw a dog and thought of Leo. He decided to tell the king their story. When he finished, Pete and himself were sent into space with all of the Atlantian warriors. When they got to the space colonies, they were dev­astated. It looked as if there was an Armageddon. All the colo­nies were blown up and there was only one HUGE ship. The warriors, Blaine, and Pete cautiously flew up to it. Suddenly with a big BOOM! They were dead. The big ship won. Evil was spread throughout the universe. And in space was an eye­ball that nobody and nothing could destroy.