Since the very birth a girl child is considered an unhappy arrival. Modern science puts a thorn in her life even before her birth. Through Amniocentesis parents come to know whether the mother carries a male or a female in her womb. If it is a female the girl child is killed even before her birth. It is all because a girl is considered the property of some other family. He parents have to rear her up for others. She is to be educated and married. Her marriage requires lakhs of rupees to be given as dowry in one form or the other-both in cash and kind. The more educated a girl the more highly educated and well placed a boy she would be marrest to. The highly educated boys have a higher price in the wed­ding market. This evil custom is responsible for getting rid of the girl Childs in her infancy. In some parts of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu even mother kill their female children so that they may not pass through a tortuous life as they have passed through.

Evils live longer than virtues. Dowry persists for hundreds of years. No government has been able to do away with it. Laws have been passed still a large number of girls are even killed by the in-laws for not bringing handsome dowry. Laws have loopholes. Thus efforts can be made only by non government organizations (NGO).

The first step in this direction is that the girls should study hard. Nowadays there are many job opportunities for them in different fields. Formerly they could become only members of teaching staff in schools and colleges or become nurse. But now there is vast scope in other fields too. They may join even army and police force. There are ample of medi­cal practitioners. Business management is another field open to them. They can have their own business too. Then if they wish they may marry a person of their choice.

The girl child is exploited in other ways too. On the borders of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh parents offer their young daughters to Yellamma They are later on sexually assaulted and finally go to the flesh market in Bombay and other cities. It requires a movement in the rural areas. Women organizations have started working in this direction.

Hyderabad has rather become notorious for getting young Mus­lim girls married to Sheikhs from Arab countries. Efforts have been made to check it. The other field is the employment of girl child in beedi facto­ries. It tells upon their health too. In certain areas they are employed in match factories too. It is hazardous for their life. Again there are laws that are not implemented. Efforts are to be made to raise the conscious­ness of the people at large to consider girl child as good as the boy child.