Next to Hawaiian Island in the US, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, amid the vast expanse of blue, are the two ideal tourist spots to give all the fun & excitements to all ages!

Bifurcated by nature as two, the northern group is called as the Andaman Islands, while the southern one, with Port Blair as its capital, is Nicobar. And there are about 230 small islands and islets dotted all around. Among them are the 200 year old Buttressed trees and 246 different varieties of birds. Two volcanic mountains here are, Norcodum and Barren.

In 1789, the British dispatched a team of explorers to establish here. When the Independence struggle reached high crescendo in India, the British had set up the most hostile jail, Kala Pani (cellular jail) where countless Indian freedom fighters were kept in fetter.

However, there are other attractions for the visitors.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park (MQMNP): It is totally 15 south Andaman Islands scattered about that serve as a gateway to this park. It is a forest reserve, spread far and wide almost to 280 sq. km. The boats there have strong see -through glass deck plates to enable the tourists to see underneath at the marine life and coral beds as one glides around the Redskin Islands. The crystal clear sea water and the sun above form the shadow of the boat on the sea bed! It is a delightful sight.

Mini Zoo: Famous for Nicobar Pigeons with a multi-coloured green body and feet as that of plum coloured and the unique Megapode, the endemic birds and many more are the feast for eyes here.

Legendary Islands: As one cruises near this Viper islands, one can see the crumpled down buildings and the ruins here that once served as the gallows where hundreds of hard core criminals and the like were executed! Elsewhere in the small Ross Island there were some dwellings where the British people lived. But the earthquake that rocked this island and the Japanese attack in 1941, resulted in heavy damage beyond salvage.

Magnificent Museums: The twin museums, one at Port Blair, have some rare trees and their woods. Most of them are useful to make out long lasting furniture. The artifacts made of the trees that have different attractive colours, crimson and dark tan, called as Padauk trees, and is very popular worldwide.

Beaches: To see practically the coral reefs and marine lives under water at close quarters, the island of Chidiya Tapu at the south side of the south Andaman and Cinque Island are the two right choices where one can plummet under the water by snorkeling.

Havelock Island. A study by the “Time” magazine some time back said that beach # 7, Radha Nagar, ranked as the best beach in Asia. One can explore underwater with a professional scuba diver* and other delightful scenarios. Sun bathing is most ideal. Boats are plying too many other far-flung islands, too. Trekking alongside these islands is a real fun.

* Scuba diving is dangerous as there are saltwater crocodiles lurking in some islands, including the Havelock Island where an American lady tourist was attacked and killed by this predator some time back!