Mark Twain had said, “Teenagers are too young to do the things adults do, and too old to do the things the children do, so they do things in an odd away.” Is it correct?

While analyzing the brain functioning of the teenagers and adolescents as well, the above great saying seems to be true. However, it depends on what one had learned at a very young age. It is said, “The chicken sings what the cock had taught it!”

With the new scientific aid called, ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging’ (MRI) probing the mind of the teenagers and adolescents, it is found to be true. The most crucial period of its development takes place from ten years to 25.

With the brain cells called, ‘white matter’ although present in the brain from six years of age, develop only during mid-teens and store the message received, while the ‘Grey matter’ that serves as, ‘Think tank’ is responsible for thinking and imagination. Here it takes them to the new world of executive functioning like, reasoning, suppressing, controlling emotions, planning and execution.

Franklin said, “At 20 years of age the will reigns, at 30 the wit, at 40 the judgment!”

Another reason to the odd functioning of the brain is that, the sleeping pattern of the teenagers and adolescents. Keeping awake till late night and getting up too late! Apart from the habit, the culprit for this is the Circadian Rhythm in the brain, a biological process, recurring on a 24 hours cycle.

The teenagers and adolescents go to schools and colleges, not eating well and exhausting their strength all day long and always thinking of something, most of them do not feel sleepy even after midnight.

Besides, smoking and taking drugs also kill the sleep pattern. These two cut down memory powers and concentration. According to psychologists, this period can be compared to cement-setting! The late teenage, 18 and 19 are the most crucial stage. Besides, the study also reveals that each of the paired lobes at the front part of the skull that connect the brain, help in some aspects like behaviour, personality, memory, learning skills, etc. They are not fully developed.

Because of this, many teenagers and adolescents get killed in road accidents due to reckless driving, drunken driving or speaking on mobile phones while driving. Under this developing period, they are rude, noisy and faster in doing a thing. It is the mind-set that drives them. By practicing to be cool, they can help themselves.

Parents should not comfort themselves that they had brought their children to the adolescent stage. They must also observe whether their son or daughter is showing any sign of depression. This is the reason why some youngsters commit suicide. Remember, it is said that, “Those who are not ruled by rudders are ruled by rocks!”