DOG- MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Essay Writing Topics


Of all the species God has created, dogs are the unparalleled gifts to human being. Their love, selfless service and dedication can never be fathomed!

Time and again, dog’s nobility keeps appearing in newspapers and magazines. So many true life stories say how the dogs have saved their masters’ life from the clutches of death. But what kind of an animal is he?

Although no record is available about his origin, researchers say that he (dog) had existed millions of years ago, and that he was the cousin of the wolves. Mahabharata says that Yudhistra had a pet dog.

Until dogs teamed up with men, he was a bit wild animal. His association with men had started when he always found something to eat from the leftovers tossed out by the hunters and poachers when camping. There are 800 different varieties of dogs. They are classified under six groups, like Toy group, Terrier, Hound, Gundog, Utility and Working group.

These six groups are further categorized into many such as, Hunting groups, Herding dogs, Guard dogs, Rescue dogs, Battle field group, Sledge group, Security dogs and so on.

Hunting dogs help men to locate the target after it was shot. They also help in chasing out the hidden animals in the open terrain to make shooting easy.

Battle field dogs are German shepherd. In World War I & II, these dogs helped as sentinels, messengers, scouts, carrying medicine and identifying snipers. Besides, they have rescued people during snow storms and earthquakes. Adolf Hitler had a special squad of 200, 000 German Shepherd dogs!

Rescue dogs: Saint Bernard is the right choice to trace the missing mountaineers. Switzerland has been using them for 3 centuries now! Another variety known as Newfoundland are great swimmer and can rescue a person in the rough sea even during a storm. Another one called Herding dogs herd cattle and protect them from wild animals.

Guard dogs protect the masters and their property, no matter even if they die in the encounter. Sledge dogs are useful in icy mountains and continents, and also guard the masters from the Polar bears. Sniffer dogs are mostly used by the crime prevention agencies all over the world. They can detect hidden bombs, contraband goods, etc.

Security dogs are pressed into service in many industries. Besides, as a personal guard, they can protect the masters from being kidnapped. When the World War I was raging in 1915, France and Germany used these dogs that acted as a guide for the blind. Even now they are used in many countries.

Whether their master is rich or poor, educated or uneducated, dogs’ love never varies even a degree. Notable writer Buxbaum had rightly said that, “A dog wags his tail with his heart”

Tail piece: To know the life span of a dog – when comparing with men – multiply the dog’s age by seven. That is his age. Dogs, in good health, can live up to 14 years.