Essay Writing Topics about FIRST AID


First aid is an immediate treatment given to a victim before rushing him/ her to the hospital. Countless lives have been saved by persons with the basic knowledge of first aid!

There are many different first aid treatments to different accidents or sudden illness. First, analyze the situation, comfort the victim if in conscious, and arrange to transport the victim to doctor.

Drowning cases: Take the water out. Lay the victim face down, turned to one side, and press the back several times until the water is extracted. If the accident had happened in the sea, the salty water can endanger his life!

Fire accident: It causes unbearable pain to the victim. Gently keep pouring cool water over the wound. Give plenty of water to drink. Speak encouragingly. Remove slowly the watch and jewels and cover the wound with a wet sterile cloth like bandage. Only certain hospitals have the facility to treat this case. Rush the victim to the right hospital.

Fracture: Whether simple or compound fracture, see that the victim is not physically moved. Gently lay him/her on the bed or on to a chair. In the absence of these, two persons can stand face to face lacing their fingers together and form a temporary chair to carry him/her. If the person bleeds from the wound, place some pads (rolled clothes) in between to avoid rubbing. Get the ambulance that has a stretcher to lay the victim down.

Bleeding profusely: Try to rush the victim before he/she could bleed to death. Tie a knot above the wound (close to the heart) to arrest further bleeding. Press a folded cloth over the wound and tie it. After doing this, place the injured portion above. This will further stop bleeding.

Snake bites: Tie a knot above the bite with a belt or cloth. Arrest blood circulation going to the heart. Identify the snake, whether poisonous or non poisonous. The doctor is certain to ask this question. If the snake is killed, take it and show to the doctor to identify it. Some people say that the area bitten must be cut open and the blood sucked out. This is dangerous to the one who renders first aid. Never do this old practice. Never tell the person that the snake is a poisonous one. Keep the spirit of the victim alive.

Insect bite & sting: Do not try to pull open the bag of the sting. It is good to use a pair of forceps pincers. Rush the patient to a doctor.

Respiration: It is the sudden difficulty in breathing. Administer artificial respiration either through the mouth or nose.

Faint: Hold the patient before he/she falls down. Gently lower him/her on the floor. Do not crowd. Undo the shirt button and allow the air to drift to the patient. Turn the head to one side, slightly below the level of the legs. Wait till the patient recovers, then offer him/her coffee, or tea, or any soft drink.

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