Essay Writing about HOW TO BOOST MEMORY POWER?


This is a heavy subject. However, so as to enable the young mind to grasp this vital aspect, the subject is dealt with simple tips off.

Memory plays a pivotal role in everybody’s life. In every move, it is the memory that keeps the ball of life rolling. Having a poor memory may be a complex problem.

Says a great saying, “The life given to us by nature is short, but the memory of a well spent life is eternal!” To cite an example, when we meet a person after a long time, we may not be able to recall his/her name. Such things are negligible. Anyway, so as not to embarrass him/her after exchanging pleasantries, just ask his/her initial. Then the person will tell you his/her initial and name.

Sleeping pattern. Sleep comes first. It is like recharging the battery as the brain needs sufficient rest. However, when we sleep, our subconscious mind becomes active and hence we get dreams. Sleep in a place where you can get enough oxygen to stimulate your brain the next day.

To give more oxygen when awake, walk for a while. The strain you take while walking, gives more oxygen to your brain. To remember what you are going to study, select a place where your attention is not distracted.

Except for math’s formulae and other intricate details that can be stored in memory, all other things can be memorized if compared with some other objects or things. To cite an instance, a student may be confused about placing Numerator and Denominator i.e. which is to figure on top.

For that, do this simple thing. ‘D’ is the fourth letter in the alphabet and “N” is the 14th alphabet. So, put the greatest number (N) on top and the lowest (D) at the bottom, thus N/D.

Give yourself a self test. Keep about six different objects, take a look at what you are seeing, turn away and start jotting down what they are from memory. Gradually, increase the number of objects and repeat the exercise. A survey says that 90 percent of what we do can be remembered, 75 percent of what we see and 20 percent of what we are told!

When a teacher gives an imposition to a student, it appears to be a sort of punishment. But by writing repeatedly, it gets embedded in the student’s mind that can be never erased in the life time. Repetition is the other word of learning.

Understand the meaning of what you read Refer to dictionary when you come across hard words. Note down important points which you can develop later. After finishing, revise from the reader’s point of view. Pick holes, if any and rewrite. Recall what you have read or written. It will help you to keep all that in memory.

Use alphabet wise when writing, so that nothing is left out. Experts say; to remember all info is to, give each one colour. Regular exercise, overcoming fatigue and stress, not taking liquor and not smoking – all these add up to memory power.