Introduction: This proverb underlines a great life lesson. So long as a stone lies at one place for over a period of time, it is likely to gather some sand and moss underneath. In other words, the sand and moss below would get stuck to the stone after some years. But when a stone – instead of remaining stationary – starts rolling down the slope of a mountain, there is absolutely no chance for the sand and moss to get stuck to it, is there?

Explanation: Here the stone is referred to human beings at all levels and stages, including the school students entering into Plus I and 2. Such students, prior to that, must plan their future career and choose the group accordingly. For example, one who wishes to pursue engineering must go for the first group: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and work hard. If the same student gives up the first group and opt for the second one after some months, and again goes for the third group, it would hamper his/her studies and career, in the long run. Changing quite often just for the heck of it, is not advisable. Such students cannot shine in any branches.

Walt Disney, the pioneer of animated cartoon films and creator of ‘Mickey Mouse’ had a clear vision to become an outstanding personality in the field of art. He was a culture vulture. He had pursued the right course and set an indelible mark in his profession to be conferred 48 Academy Awards and Seven Emmys. Talking about his worldwide successful feat, he said, “Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work until it’s done right.”

Not only to students. It is applicable to those who work in an office, too. Some youngsters of today have the habit of job hopping. Of course, when a better opportunity comes, one can utilize it. But that does not mean one should be switching from one job to another frequently and aimlessly. This way the candidate fails to gain in-depth knowledge about a subject, besides losing experience and seniority in one office. If that be the case, when would he/she attain a higher position?

It is said that only changes are constant. But unless the necessity comes, what is the point in jumping from one job to another? It is for this category of people who keeps changing his/her stance, like the stone that always keeps rolling, this proverb highlights the setbacks. One may think that one’s knowledge is widespread, but none can master everything. Some poke their snout in everything.

For such people there is a similar proverb, “jack of
all trades, but master of none.”

Almost all two liner proverbs have been coined by many eminent academic dons. Their life experience and relentless attempts are the posterity for prosperity.

Conclusion: Take the moral in this proverb and the cue from Walt Disney’s great saying. Thus, you will attain infinite glory.