Among other things, these three are almost life-threatening. They shatter the country’s economy that causes inflation and other hazards, as well!

Adulteration: It refers to mixing up a cheap thing with the costlier one to make fast buck. A milkman mixes water with the milk so that he could increase the quantum of the milk and get more money. Similarly, some black sheep mix kerosene with petrol. In the first case, it is the milk vendor who is the only culprit. But in the second case, it is alarming that mixing of kerosene with petrol takes place with the connivance of many.

Tankers (lorries) carrying petrol from the manufacturer to the outlets on the outskirts of the city and deep inside the state, under the pretence of distributing petrol, are parked at one corner of the gas station (petrol bunk). There the offenders extract petrol from them and pour kerosene in the tanker. Then the tankers proceed to the outlets for distribution.

This kind of adulteration takes place not by any individual. Several people are involved in it, right from the truck drivers to all concerned. Sometimes, the locally influential ruling party bigwigs are involved, too.

Counterfeit Currency: This has become like a cottage industry now. By investing a few lakhs of rupees, fake currencies, to the tune of millions of rupees, are produced and circulated. It is a serious crime that dents the nation’s economy. It is largely carried out in Sivakasi, south Tamil Nadu. There is a separate wing that deals with this case. It is the ‘Counterfeit Currency’ wing of the state C.B. CID police.

Spurious Products: It is, again, a duplicate, sub­standard quality product made under the very Brand Name of a popular one and sold in the market, at times with the connivance of the authorized dealers. The makers of these fake products give hefty commission to the dealers and hence they slip this one along with the genuine product.

Using a brand name and manufacturing fake products is better termed as Trade Mark Infringement.’ It is a team work. The culprits even have tiny sector industries either at home or outside. Many products are made like this right from toiletries. Some years ago, even watches, bearing the brand name of a popular company, were floated in the markets in

Chennai by some authorized dealers of the reputed company. However, as requested by the genuine manufacturer, the Chennai city police carried out an excellent investigation and unearthed this racket, a chain of men. Similarly, shampoo and other cosmetics are also produced.

Where it is life-threatening is that, besides, electric & electronic goods, there are spurious medicines, too. These medicines are not manufactured as per specification and under stringent Quality Control system. So, it is high time that the existing rules are amended to enhance severe punishment without which, these crimes will continue to be there forever.